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Season 103 All-Stars
Dec 19th 2021 By San Diego Bombers

Season 103 All-Stars
From  Tacoma StormWe are still figuring out information about the game and the time it will be at. It will likely be New Years Eve though at 4pm ET. Every player listed will play. Bench players will come in during the 6th inning, also every pitcher will pitch one inning. If the game goes into extras, the last pitcher selected will play the remainder of the game. Team Gainey (Cobras) vs Team Gold (Cyclones) is going to be the teams. Team Gainey is Alpha, Alta, Ocean, and Theta. Team Gold is Beta, Delta, Epsilon, and Silver. Good luck to both teams, and here are the all stars.

Alpha Ruby, Alta Canyon, Ocean Star, Theta Premier (Team Gainey All-Stars)

C - Milagro Vaca, Atlanta Grim Reapers (formerly Denver Frost Dragons)
1B - Cooper Earle, Kansas City Flying Squirrels
2B - Omar Hoyle, Cincinnati Reds
3B - Mike Markley, Shreveport Captains
SS - Henry Weaver, Portland Cobras
LF - Nicholas Kimbrough, Shreveport Captains
CF - Christian Chapel, Kansas City Flying Squirrels
RF - Drake Mclean, Denver Door Knockers
DH - Chaz Rousseau, C, Sacramento Solons

Bench - Luke Banda, 1B, Boston Red Sox 1
Bench - Conrado Montanez, CF, Carolina PRpride
Bench - Hernando Coronado, 1B, Denver Door Knockers
Bench - Milo Bourque, C, Long Beach Powerslaves
Bench - Jamal Calderon, C, Manchester Maniacs

Pitcher - Osbaldo Peyton, Winnipeg Frost
Pitcher - Stefan Lofton, Bellingham Reruns
Pitcher - Cordell Cox, Fort Worth Dogsniper
Pitcher - Bret Langford, Portland Cobras
Pitcher - Alessandro Mackay, Winnipeg polar bears
Pitcher - Giancarlo Hiller, Athens Dawgs
Pitcher - Leonel Tamez, Clearwater Clash (formerly Columbus Comets)
Pitcher - Gannon Trent, Portland Cobras
Pitcher - Estevon Rojo, St. Johns Squid

Beta Compass, Delta Premier, Epsilon Peak, Silver Sunset (Team Gold All-Stars)

C - Kristopher Hendrick, Eugene Spitters
1B - Santino Guenther, Philadelphia FISH TOWN
2B - Kristopher Harkins, Anchorage Aces
3B - Elijah Eden, Philadelphia FISH TOWN
SS - Jayden Coppola, St. Johns Deadly sins
LF - Nolan Cheng, Indianapolis old dogs
CF - Raimundo Aviles, Eugene Spitters
RF - Neto Alfaro, Anchorage Aces
DH - Enrique Guiterrez, San Diego giants

Bench - Devon Linville, 2B, St. Johns Codfish
Bench - Geoffrey Browning, C, Philadelphia FISH TOWN
Bench - Kian Witt, 2B, Cleveland Guardians
Bench - Christan Connell, C, Dallas Longhorns
Bench - Augustas Hyatt, C, St. Johns Codfish

Pitcher - Kolby Nasson, Fort Lauderdale Waves
Pitcher - Bruno Rudd, Tulsa Tornadoes
Pitcher - Stefan Short, New Orleans Cajun Gamecocks
Pitcher - Graham McCallister, San Diego Giants
Pitcher - Derrick Barone, Phoenix Diablos
Pitcher - Sergio Wiese, Cambridge Longballs
Pitcher - Trystan Rosales, St. Johns Codfish
Pitcher - Talon Davis, Torrance The Fazbears (Free Agent)
Pitcher - Jay McDougal, Chicago Stallions

News Conversation
Diablos : 
Oh ok lol
1 month ago
Storm : 
i know you are in theta i played you opening day lol
1 month ago
Storm : 
lol it was what you were in last season
1 month ago
Diablos : 
Oh I see it now! You have it it in the wrong league though. I'm in Theta. No apologies though. As long as one of my guys got featured in this article, I am perfectly fine with that
1 month ago
Storm : 
1 month ago
1 month ago
Storm : 
diablos derrick barone made it
1 month ago
Marvols : 
Good job, Storm!
1 month ago
Diablos : 
Great article! I will be featured in a article...someday :(
1 month ago
Sergio Wiese is available for trades btw
1 month ago
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