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Dec 12th 2021 By Alexandria Awards Masters

Giovanny Eck, LF
Career Stats (84-101): 1119-3339 (.335), 164 H, 47 3B, 265 HR, 690 RBI, 253 SB, .650 SLG
Teams: Buffalo Bisons (84), Hartford HTFD_YANKEES (85-95), Chicago WINNERS (96-97), Vancouver Terrace Rage (98-99), Shreveport Captains (100-101)

Despite not winning any awards, it is safe to say that Eck was among the best of his time, but lack of playing time hurt his career stats. He was dominant from 85-90 for the HTFD_YANKEES, but wouldn’t hit over .300 again until 95, where he had a brief period of being good again, before fading away for the last time in 101.

Gaspard Ledesma, CF
Career Stats (81-102): 1839-5679 (.324), 267 2B, 51 3B, 488 HR, 1170 RBI, 56 SB, .647 SLG
Teams: Hartford Screech Owls (81-83), Erie Spartans (84), Oakland ObZen (85-88), San Diego Bombers (89-102)
Accolades: 4x World Champion (90-91, 100-101), All Star (94), All Time Hits Leader, All Time HR Leader, All Time RBI Leader

He’s the GOAT. Easily the best player and the only person who’s gotten close to 2,000. I’m sure he’d still be playing now, but alas the game auto-retires you after your age 42 season. Such a shame and something I think should change.

Pancho Roldan, RF
Career Stats (84-102): 1359-4460 (.305), 237 2B, 49 3B, 315 HR, 848 RBI, 322 SB, .592 SLG
Teams: Buffalo Bisons (84-87), Oakland ObZen (88-96), Cincinnati Reds (97), Indianapolis old dogs (98-102)

Roldan had a career surprisingly similar to Eck’s, with both starting out with the Bisons in 84 before moving to the ObZen. They also had great careers despite being unaccoladed and were power speed dudes. Roldan was excellent in 98, but besides that he was just consistently good.

Tejano Ruiz, SP
Career Pitching Stats (86-102): 126-37, 2 SV, 1499 IP, 599 ER, 1332 K, 133 BB, 3.60 ERA, 0.997 WHIP
Accolades: All Star (92)

Ruiz had an exceptionally good career, pitching only 1 season with a 4.00+ ERA from 86-98 while winning 10 games four times. He never had a losing record and was quite plainly amazing throughout his career, especially on such a hitting team like the Giants (I believe that hitting teams naturally do worse at pitching in this sim)

Luis Quezada, SP
Career Pitching Stats (84-102): 153-68, 1 SV, 2018 IP, 867 ER, 1906 K, 221 BB, 3.87 ERA, 1.054 WHIP
Career Hitting Stats, 10-60 (.167), 2 2B, 1 HR, 4 RBI, .250 SLG
Teams: Hollywood Homies (84-87, 89-92), Mount Vernon Boxers (88, 93-102)

While he was not the best or most overpowering pitcher of his era, Quezada was one of the best workhorses of all time, pitching over 2,000 innings, including 17 seasons in a row of 100+ IP, which is ridiculous. Despite the incredible workload he was given, he managed it, striking out 1,906 batters and allowing only a 1.054 WHIP. On the batting side, he managed to hit a homer!

Max Gannon, SP
Career Pitching Stats (84-102): 132-34, 4 SV, 1616 IP, 578 ER, 1573 K, 208 BB, 3.22 ERA, 0.958 WHIP
Teams: Buffalo Bisons (84-87), Honolulu Shimakaze (88), Spokane Warriors (89-99), Eugene Spitters (100-102)

Gannon, yet another Bisons player, spent the majority of his career on the Warriors, where he cruised to a record of 76-22 en route to an amazing career. A 3.22 ERA is amazing in an era and sim engine where hitters dominate, but I think the 132-34 record and .795 winning percentage is the most amazing, making him a lock for the Hall.

There’s also a Hall of Famer who, despite not getting voted in, I have inducted because of his historical significance. This player is best known for hitting the walk off homer in the Season 87 World Series and he will be remembered.

Reese Nelson, RF
Career Stats (85-97): 1006-2619 (.384), 146 2B, 32 3B, 232 HR, 601 RBI, 3 SB, .730 SLG
Teams: Chicago Ohawks (85-90), Honolulu Shimakaze (91-92), Cincinnati Rede (93-96), Indianapolis old dogs (97)
Accolades: 2x World Champion (87, 97), All Star (96), Hit Walk-Off HR In 87 World Series

Nelson is one of the best offensive players of his time, hitting .384 with a .730 SLG in his 13 short seasons, but he’s best known for his heroics in the 87 World Series. In game 1, he went 3-3 with a walk, a double and a triple, but despite his efforts, Chicago fell 8-6 to the Massacre. Game 2 was also a good one for him, as he went 2-4 with another double and triple, and this time he helped them to a 9-8 win. In Game 3, however, he became a legend and secured his spot in the Hall. After going 2-4 with a walk and a double in the first 8 innings, he came up to the plate in the bottom of the 9th with second baseman Emerson Washington and catcher Augustus Hyatt on base with the game tied 13-13. Facing Valentin Soliz, he smashed the ball deep to right center to lift the Ohawks to a 16-14 victory. Overall, he was 8-12 with 2 doubles, 2 triples, 1 homer, 3 RBIs, and 2 walks throughout the series and will always be remembered for that game.

Damario Baca
Finn Dumas
Sam Workman
Alexander Guido
Benjamin Bunting, Year 2
Francisco Vega, Historical
Kenny McAllister, Historical, Year 2
Parker Trahan, Historical, Year 2
Blanco Naranjo, Historical, Year 2

Jamil Fuentes
Nehemiah Stover
Sterling DaSilva
Quinten Varney
Mariano Lea, Year 2
Jerrald Banda, Year 3
Adrian Collins, Year 3
Eddie Macias, Year 3
Alec Noonan, Year 3
Valentin De La Paz, Historical
Dale O’Bryan, Historical, Year 3
Dario Rangel, Historical, Year 3
Coby Valenzuela, Historical, Year 3
Rylan Siegel, Historical, Year 2

If you’re guy didn’t make it, don’t be disappointed. It’s an honor to get onto the ballot, there are so many players out there and generally about 20 get this far. They’re some of the best, it’s just that the Hall of Fame is the best of the best. If you know anyone who you think might qualify for HOF, feel free to PM me their player link and I’ll take a look.

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