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Top 100 teams in FB history
Nov 9th 2021 By San Diego Bombers

Author’s notes: 1) This is my opinion. I documented over 100 teams that would make sense to document, and it took me around 8 hours to compile a list. I will provide a viewable spreadsheet with each team that I evaluated. I include different stats, records, and win percentages. 2) This list is not based on one thing like world titles. If that was the case, the Bombers and Warriors would be 1-2. Instead, this list is a culmination of different factors of each franchise. Things like win percentage, total wins, trophies, and different stats ALL factor in. More tight races came down to season bests and record holders. 3) Some teams that won the world series are not tabulated. This is due to the fact that their records were wiped from the database. Those teams will not be included. 4) Final point, I will only write about the top ten teams here. If you want a rundown of all 100 teams, that will be made available later on my team website. -Ann Arbor Wolves

100. Waco Wolfpack
99. Indianapolis old dogs
98. Madison Players
97. Ann Arbor Wolves
96. Chattanooga Aramoho Titans
95. Cincinnati Bengals
94. Tulsa Tornados
93. Atlanta THE DUKES
92. Los Angeles Dodgers
91. Waco Rejects
90. Kansas City Flying Squirrels
89. Athens Dawgs
88. Toronto Whitby Pirates
87. Vancouver Deamons
86. Kansas City Royals!
85. Hartford YARD GOATS
84. Austin Hookey FB
83. Tampa Warlocks
82. Abilene Hookey
81. Cedar Rapids Smash
80. Yonkers Renegades
79. Austin Apaches
78. Stamford Demo Yankees
77. Seattle U Shaddy& I Quit
76. Winnipeg Frost
75. Ontario Lightning
74.Chicago Ohawks
73. New York NYMETS
72. Washington DBucs
70. Philadelphia Phillies
69. St. Louis Knights
68. Kure Kantai
67. Green Bay Kaukauna Foxes
66. Waco Hit & Run
65. Amarillo Acme Roadrunners
64. Gilbert Suds Masters
63. Tacoma Green Sox
62. Philadelphia Red Light
61. Waco LoneStarBaseball
60. Daly City Admirals
59. New Orleans Pineapples
58. Orlando Barbarians
57. Miami Mystics
56. Anchorage polar bears
55. Mount Vernon Boxers
54. Buffalo Bisons
53. New York The HCs
52. Las Vegas Golden Knights
51. Charlotte Glazed Donuts
50. Lowell Rippers
49. Austin STONE COLD 632
48. San Diego Screaming Demons
47. Fort Worth Horned Frogs
46. Columbus Average Joes
45. St. Johns Peace Sharks
44. Bellingham Reruns
43. Seattle Thejimbopperinos
42. Oceanside Waves
41. Phoenix Lights
40. Louisville Legends
39. Sumner Scapegoats
38. Sacramento Solons
37. Louisville Colonels
36. New York Nitro
35. Grand Rapids BBBB
34. Chicago WINNERS
33. San Jose Panthers
32. New Orleans Hot Rods
31. Milwaukee BEERnCHEESE
30. Tampa Thunder Doggs
29. Eugene Spitters
28. St. Johns Deadly sins
27. Springfield Eagles
26. San Diego Giants
25. Green Bay Brewers
24. Los Angeles Lions
23. Lexington RED ONIONS
22. Chicago Atom Smashers
21. Yonkers River Rats
20. Boston Monarchs
19. St. Johns Codfish
18. Calgary Fire Birds
17. Los Angeles GOLFWANG
16. Virginia Beach jimmies
15. New Orleans Rusty Tollers
14. Peoria Destroyers
13. Knoxville Smokies
12. Honolulu Shimakaze
11. Atlanta Caneros

10. Madison Annukai Reds- The Madison Annukai Reds changed their brand many throughout their franchise history. The most memorable that comes to mind is the Mesa Foo Fighters. This team was special. They were one of the winningest teams during their time, but the franchise was cut short. They were unable to eclipse 2250 wins all time. They do, however, hold the record for games won in a single regular season at 56. This record is pretty close to unbreakable, but another team has tied it in recent history. This team has a high number of league titles, but their unlucky past only has them with one world title. If this team still played today, we may be talking about when they will eclipse the 4000 win mark.

9. Toronto Smoke Eaters- The Smoke Eaters were one of the most prolific teams in their time. This team, in terms of winning, is very comparable to the eighth ranked team on this list. They are ranked lower because they only have 2 world titles and under 10 league titles. However, they do have the second best all time franchise ERA for all times that have qualified. Their batting average is also on the lower side for the top ten, but it is still a very high all time number either way. They have a nice amount of division titles as well, helping their case. Much like the last team, if the Smoke Eaters franchise wasn’t cut short we could be talking about a top 5 team right now.

8. Chicago Dolphins- The Dolphins are one of the best teams in Franchise Ball history. If this list were made around 35 seasons ago, they would be the best team on this list. However, other teams have taken over their most excellent accomplishment- record for world series wins. They have a total of 4, and for a long time this record remained unbroken. They were the first team to win back to back world titles. They have the third most league titles all time at 14, and also have a very respectable amount of divisional titles. Their stats all time are great, but compared to others on the list they are not the best. Their winning percentage has taken a dip as well. Their performance in recent memory is the main reason for their waning relevance and greatness.

7. Oakland ObZen- Oakland ObZen, more popularly known as the Athletics, have been a very quiet team in Franchise Ball history, but have posted some of the best franchise stats ever. Their all time batting average nearly eclipses .300 and their ERA is on the lower end as well. Their 50 division titles is one of the best stats in the game, as they almost win it every other year. They also have a winning percentage over .700. They do have the least amount of league titles in the top ten at 8 and only have one world title. There could be arguments made that they should be ranked lower, but their high winning percentage really sets them apart.

6. Seattle Marvols- One of the original teams when Franchise Ball was first founded, the Marvols are one of the winningest franchises in history. They are one of two teams with over 4000 wins. They are also third place in all time runs scored, and they have won 2 world titles. They have had some of the greatest pitching staffs, posting multiple seasons below .9 WHIP and have had one of the best single season team ERAs. Their offense has also caught on lately to keep up with the other powerhouse teams. One negative on this team is that they are the second least decorated top ten team on this list. Their low amount of division titles for the top ten is holding them back.

5. Baltimore Orioles- The Orioles are one of the few teams with 3 or more world championship trophies. They have a long and established history of winning, although they have done it more quietly. They are probably one of the surprises on this list- all teams ranked 5-10 on this list could more than likely randomly. What puts the Orioles above the rest is first of all, they have the second most all time division titles at 56. This is no small task, as they are batting over .500 for winning the division title each season. They also have some of the most league titles at 12. The Orioles have also been a historically balanced team, not focusing too many resources into one area. Their low end ERA and higher end batting average prove this point.

4. San Diego Bombers- The Bombers hold a few records. One of the most notable? 5 world series championship wins. This ties just one other team for first. The Bombers are arguably the most successful teams as of late. They are one of the few teams that have won back to back championships. The kicker? They have done it twice, and both of these winning bouts came much more recently. The Bombers are seen as the best offensive team all time. They hold the record of best franchise batting average among all qualifiers at .314. The Bombers are lacking a bit with division titles at 29, but that is still a massive amount compared to every team outside of the top ten.

3. Cincinnati Reds- The Reds have won 2 world titles, and have also won 19 league titles, which is the second best in Franchise Ball all time. They also are the winningest team in Franchise Ball’s history, tallying a monstrous 4128 wins. The Reds are also one of the most statistically accomplished teams, more specifically when it comes to single season records. They hold the single season best for ERA, HR, and SLUG%. This team has a history of both great offense and pitching. Most fans will be fond of their early days, when Franchise Ball was a field day of pitchers. But the reds were able to adapt and become one of the best hitting teams of all time. Their 35614 runs scored are second best all time.

2. Hartford HTFD_YANKEES- Hartford is probably the most decorated team in Franchise Ball. While their 2 titles are not much to write home about in the terms of the top 10, their 22 league championships and 74 division titles blow other teams out of the water. Also, they have scored the most runs as a franchise in Franchise Ball history, edging out the Reds by around 1000 with less games played. Hartford’s dominance of their league and division for 3/4ths of a century is truly astonishing, and their record for 74 division titles may never be broken.

1. Spokane Warriors- The Spokane Warriors are the pinnacle of what a team strives for in Franchise Ball. They have it all- the titles, the stats, and the wins. They are tied for the record of world championships with 5, but they are the sole owner of first place in a different category- winning percentage. Unlike the Reds, who have the most wins, the Warriors are more efficient with their winning ways. The Warriors’ elite resume also includes another record- franchise ERA. Meeting the minimum games played requirements, the Warriors have the best franchise ERA in Franchise Ball history with 3.286. The Warriors have had some of the most balanced teams ever, and it shows why they are number one.

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marvols division is tough with me, boxers, bravesox. In most other div. we would all have a lot of div. championships. But it is more fun the way it is for us all i think.
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Im sorry, credit to the Wolves who wrote this, not the Bombers.
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an example of this is the number 31 and 30 spots , which are held by the BEERnCHEESE and Thunder Doggs. Both super old teams that a lot of players dont even know about
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about. i commend the bombers for high thoroughness with this list, i think its really accurate and includes a lot of older teams that are absolute legends
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yall, i dont think yall are understanding the full scope of just how old this website is and how decorated the history is. the game is going on almost 9 years now and there have been so many teams long before yalls time that you know nothing
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List is cancer
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better winning percentage better world rank same number of 40 win seasons/10 and they got 13 divisions in 27 seasons i got 10 in 18
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