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All-Stars for Season 102
Nov 8th 2021 By Franchise Ball

All-Stars for Season 102, FB Merch Idea, and City Expansion

By Tacoma Storm

I would just like to warn you, this article is going to be all over the place. Three things - All-Stars, an idea which might be coming to FB soon, and a project. Let's jump right into it. READ THE WHOLE THING please.

1) All-Stars

Batting has been calculated via poll, pitching hasn’t. Also, a lot of your pitching candidates that have been submitted to me didn’t make the cut at all, so only submit people that have a chance to make it. Also, bench spots are for ties, then for players with the highest vote totals amongst all groups.

C - Kristopher Hendrick - San Diego Bombers (9/12)
1B - Phoenix Beard - Chicago WINNERS (12/12)
2B - Kristopher Harkins - Anchorage Aces (7/12)
3B - Elijah Eden - Orlando Fields of Dream (8/12)
SS - Jonathan Pham - Philadelphia FISH TOWN (4/12)
LF - Toli Ledesma - Chicago WINNERS (9/12)
CF - Dylan Soliz - Ontario Lightning (4/12)
RF - Jamel Nagel - San Diego Bombers (5/12)
DH - Andres Flores - Tacoma Storm (4/12) - he tied with Soliz in ballot for CF
Bench - Julio Alcantar - Vancouver Voodoo
Bench - Kaiden Lanier - St. Johns Squid
Bench - Ritchie Rodriguez - St. Louis Ricks
Bench - Kelvin Mcbee - Fort Worth Horned Frogs
Bench - Jameson Heflin - Kansas City Royals0

Rodney Connor - Tallahassee Trash
Juan Hardy - Cambridge Longballs
Sal Garay - Atlanta Firebirds
Bruce Peel - Washington American Aces
Shemar Carrasco - Mobile War Eagle
Santo Valencia - Providence Franzes
Deshawn (Ace) Ventura - Calgary denver dingers
Carlos Scott - Aurora Tall Guppies
Skylar Salter - Cincinnati Stars
Bret Fox - Winnipeg Frost

2) Crazy New Idea That Might Come To FB

Yes, this was approved by Josh, but we need consent from the people. This is corny, yes, but I love it. We are officially selling player merchandise. Team socks? Team jerseys? Endless possibilities. And not for design, but they will be made and shipped to your address (we are working on a way to make this more private so no info is revealed). Cost depends on the object, and there will be a small (yes, actually small, not scam-like small) fee for design and travel time. This would grow FB drastically and provide a major change that people have been waiting for.


3) FB City Project

Little backstory - the Season 89 Newark Ninjas were looking for a new place to relocate. They wanted to relocate to Atlantic City. But that wasn’t a city (until recently). Maybe Trenton? Nope. Kahului, Hawaii? Nope (until recently). Tysons, Virginia? Nope (until recently, listed as its formal name Tysons Corner). I was the Newark Ninjas, and I was a little pissed off that some cities that I wanted were not added. Which is why I decided to make a change to that.

You can add cities to the game (believe it or not). Just ask for cities, they are put in. If you guys want new cities added to the game, just add them to this growing list. It would mean a lot to me (idk why it just would).

doc here

4) There is no #4

I was originally planning to release this a few days ago and even drafted it. However, it didn’t save and I was too pissed to make another one. Also, remember to submit your all-stars for this season (it's early but this is a good time to start for my convenience).

Thanks guys for reading, make sure to add cities and vote for the jersey concept. See ya!

By - The Republic of Storm from the Marvelous City of Tacoma, Washington, US, North America, Earth, Solar System, Milky Way Galaxy, The Observable Universe, The Universe

or the Tacoma Storm (whatever way you want to look at it)

News Conversation
Tarpons : 
we got our ways
2 weeks ago
3 weeks ago
as for #2 much of it would require permission from the people who made the logo, thus unable to really do shit with it
3 weeks ago
Wolves : 
L take on all stars Dodson deserves a spot
3 weeks ago
3 weeks ago
Aces : 
haha I'm with Spoofly here - I think the person who's uniform it is designs it OR they can designate somebody else of their choice to do it
3 weeks ago
Spoofly : 
nah nvm thats so wack. a new feature idea: dislike button
3 weeks ago
Tarpons : 
im designing them but you will have input into it.
3 weeks ago
Spoofly : 
Josh please make this merch idea a thing!!!! and they should be designed by the team selling the item.
3 weeks ago
Tarpons : 
blue socks - your dude didnt play. also i check player rankings and not well-known team. also i check submitted all-stars
3 weeks ago
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