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Season 101 Hall of Fame
Nov 4th 2021 By Alexandria Awards Masters

Santiago Whitcomb, 1B

Season 84-Season 101
Teams: Nashville Hillside Hounds (84), Edmonton Robins (85), Chicago Ohawks (86-90), Oakland ObZen (91-92), San Jose Panthers (93-96), Dayton Daytona 500 (97-100), Cambridge Longballs (101)
Stats: 4170 AB, 1313 H (.315 AVG), 230 2B, 84 3B, 227 HR, 677 RBI, 412 SB, .574 SLG
Accolades: World Champion (87)

Whitcomb was very well travelled, playing for 7 teams in his 18 year career, but it’s safe to say that his best years were with the Ohawks, where he won a world title and consistently smashed the ball. He’s best known for his Season 87 World Series heroics, as in the series he went 6-11 with a triple, a homer, and 8 RBIs, and also provided the walk off single in Game 2 of the nail-biting series that is likely the best we’ll see for a while. Though he was never that great after 94, him in his earlier years was not someone you wanted to mess with.

Destn Findley, 2B

Season 61-Season 79
Teams: Toronto Smoke Eaters (61), Seattle Marvols (62-66), St. Louis Ricks (67-68), Los Angeles Lions (69-74), Washington Capitals (75-78), Cincinnati Reds (79)
Stats: 4072 AB, 1282 H (.315 AVG), 199 2B, 29 3B, 331 HR, 759 RBI, 110 SB, .622 SLG
Accolades: World Champion (61)

Although Findley won his only world title in his rookie season, after that was when his career really took off. Over the next 11 years, he experienced his prime, hitting under .300 only once, including 7 20-HR seasons and 4 seasons with 10+ steals across 3 teams. After 73, he was never really the same, playing 7 more seasons but only hitting over .300 once, in his age-40 season, miraculously. However, his time with the Marvols, Ricks, and Lions will decisively be the years he is best remembered for.

Anbessa Corrales, 3B

Season 83-Season 100
Teams: Seattle Seattle Snakes (83-86), Virginia Beach jimmies (87-89), Cincinnati Reds (90-95), Cleveland Crushers (96), Indianapolis old dogs (97-99), Dallas killer bee (100)
Stats: 3011 AB, 1023 H (.340 AVG), 163 2B, 25 3B, 248 HR, 648 RBI, 58 SB, .658 SLG
Accolades: World Champion (97)

Corrales got relatively little playing time compared to his Hall of Fame counterparts, however, he made the best of it. He only hit over .300 10 times, which isn’t a whole lot, however, he also got relatively little playing time in the years where he did poorly, thus his extremely high career batting average. But here he is, a Hall of Famer.

Adrian Hanna, SS

Season 85-Season 101
Teams: Chicago Ohawks (87), Oakland ObZen (88-96), Cincinnati Reds (97-100), Cleveland Crushers (101)
Stats: 3522 AB, 1181 H (.335 AVG), 169 2B, 21 3B, 342 HR, 804 RBI, 49 SB, .687 SLG
Accolades: World Champion (87), 2x MVP (97-98), 2x All Star (97-98)

Hanna got his start with the world champion Ohawks, where he played next to many legends. With the ObZen, he also got to play next to a few future HOFers and established himself as a force to be reckoned with, hitting over 20 homers 7 times and hitting .300+ 6 times. With the Reds, however, he became the first player to ever win back to back MVP awards, hitting .422 with 41 HR and 96 RBI in 97 and .467 with 32 smashes the year after. Honestly, I’m not sure whether he’s more famous as an ObZen or Reds player, but he was certainly a beast in his time.

Coleman Lorenzo, CF

Season 82-Season 101
Teams: Honolulu Birdbrains (82), Mount Vernon Boxers (83-101)
Stats: 5194 AB, 1636 H (.315 AVG), 324 2B, 33 3B, 350 HR, 906 RBI, 247 SB, .592 SLG

Lorenzo is among the greatest players in FB history, playing for 20 seasons and collecting 1,636 hits. The first time he hit .300 was when he was 23 and the last time he did that was when he was 40. The dude nearly made the 350/250 club and his prime was a relatively long 11 seasons (83-93), and just in general his consistently puts him a step above players like Hanna in my book.

Fidel Razo, CF

Season 85-Season 101
Teams: Chicago Ohawks (86-90), Oakland ObZen (91-92), San Jose Panthers (93-96), Dayton Daytona 500 (97-98), Cambridge Longballs (99-101)
Stats: 3108 AB, 1044 H (.336 AVG), 161 2B, 32 3B, 215 HR, 607 RBI, 96 SB, .616 SLG
Accolades: World Champion (87)

Razo had an absolutely sensational rookie year in 86, and in 87, though he struggled through the season and games 1 and 2 of the World Series (going 0-8), he pulled it together in the finale, going 3-5 with 2 RBI, including the famous solo shot in the bottom of the 9th shortly before Reese Nelson’s walk-off shot to right center. He continued smashing the ball until he got to the Panthers, who hogged him for no reason for a few years, before reviving himself with Dayton and Cambridge to finish his career.

Claudio Ruvalcaba, RF

Season 84-Season 101
Teams: Los Angeles Lawrence (84), Chicago Ohawks (85-90), St. John’s Deadly Sins (91-92), St. John’s Raptors (93-101)
Stats: 3880 AB, 1336 H (.344 AVG), 200 2B, 52 3B, 345 HR, 906 RBI, 20 SB, .680 SLG
Accolades: World Champion (87), All Star (94)

Somehow, some way, 4 people on the Ohawks S87 championship team were inducted in the same year and Ruvalcaba is the 4th. He led the offensive attack that season, hitting .395 with 33 homers and 102 RBIs, and after an 0-5 Game 1, he rebounded and finishes the series 4-9 with 3 homers, 6 RBIs, and a walk. He continued dominating with them until the Sins and Raptors got ahold of him, and then he just dominated with those 2 teams instead, and he ultimately hit above .300 for 13 straight seasons, locking his place with the legends.

Rohan Ebert, SP

Season 84-Season 101
Teams: Cambridge Longballs (84), San Diego Giants (85-91), Cincinnati Reds (92-101)
Pitching Stats: 120-36, 12 SV, 1548 IP, 667 ER, 1398 K, 147 BB, 3.88 ERA, 0.984 WHIP
Hitting Stats: 1-23 (.043 AVG), .043 SLG
Accolades: 2x World Champion (86, 89)

He may have spent the majority of his career with the Reds, but it’s his stay with the Giants that we’ll remember. In addition to being an amazing pitcher just in general, he also came up clutch during the 2 World Championship years, going 10-3 in both campaigns, and in 86’s semifinals, he provided a clutch 5 innings of no-run relief against the River Rats, and in 89, he beat the Bombers on 2-run, 11 hit ball in the semis. Despite being such a beast for San Diego, he only recorded 2 more sub-4 ERA seasons after changing teams.

Cruz Goins, SP

Season 82-Season 101
Teams: Spokane Warriors (83-101)
Stats: 138-40, 2 SV, 1543 IP, 546 ER, 1476 K, 148 BB, 3.18 ERA, 0.903 WHIP
Accolades: World Champion (84), 2x All Star (92-93)

Aaand yet another world champion. Goins was perhaps the most consistent pitcher ever, pitching between 84-98 innings for 17 consecutive seasons and only recording two 4+ ERA seasons. Only two! He was also one of the few people to ever make 2 All Star teams in a row as a pitcher, along with Fernando Brent, and he was just able to be amazing year in year out. What a great pitcher, man.

Guillermo Moya, RP

Season 17-Season 33
Teams: Tempe Beagles (17-20), Knoxville Smokies (21-33)
Stats: 46-20, 130 SV, 718 IP, 219 ER, 345 K, 58 BB, 2.75 ERA, 0.865 WHIP
Accolades: World Champion (25)

One of the game’s great closers 80-ish seasons ago, I don’t think we have complete data on him because of, well, how old he is. But for, what the career stats suggest, he was quite the control master who feasted on ground ball outs. I wish I could do more to honor him but some stuff gets lost to time.

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Videl Ballesteros, Year 3
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Anton Cordero, Historical

Just so y’all know, I do have 2 articles I’d like to write before we finish off the season. They are…

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However, feel free to add any other article suggestions and I’ll probably write them, because I’ve basically not managing my team anymore.

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