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World Series Recap by Diablos
Oct 28th 2021 By San Diego Bombers

Season 102 World Series recap: Greatest World Series of all time?

Before I begin this article, I would like to give a massive shout out to the Fort Lauderdale Waves for shattering the Franchise Ball record for most wins (50) by a team entering their first season in franchise history. Not only that, but they also reached the World Series as well. Now, it is time for me to recap the World Series.

It was Tuesday morning, October 26th, the first game of the World Series. The Fort Lauderdale Waves and the Roanoke Colonists collided in what could be the most memorable battle of both of their team's history. Correct me if I am wrong but the final score of the first game was Colonists 13- 12 Waves. It was a back-and-forth battle and both teams came out for blood. I don't think I have ever seen a better start to a championship series than that. It was very entertaining. Now, it is time for me to ask the champion some questions!

Diablos: What emotions were you feeling when you first found out you were going to be in the World Series?

Colonists: When I beat Spitters on Sunday afternoon, I was excited, relieved that I didn't have to play Sunday night because I knew I wasn't going to be able to manage the game as I was busy, and somewhat stressed because I knew that the only game of the WS that I would really be able to manage would be game 1 due to my work schedule.

Diablos: What player do you think stood out the most?

Colonists: Ackerman and Camacho were both stellar in game 1, Drayton as well. Drayton and Bisson were the only ones who really got anything going against Waves' pitching in game two. Bisson and Berrios had a night in game three, especially Bisson. Drayton had another homer. Camacho is the only one who really did anything in game four. Drayton had another homer in game five, but Winfield sealed the deal and then ex-starter Archer closed it out. Outside of game 4, Drayton homered in every game, but only had one hit other than the homers. Camacho had two games where he went off, Bisson was probably the most consistent hitter and what turned out to be the game winning hit in game 5. Shaver quietly had himself a series too. I'd have to go with Bisson over Drayton, Shaver or Camacho.

Diablos: If you had to say anything to the Waves, what would it be?

Colonists: Hell of a series, very back and forth. Genuinely didn't know who was gonna take it home until the final out of game 5. I agree with most others that it was the most exciting and fun series since I started playing in November of last year.

Diablos: How does it feel to call yourself a defending champ?

Colonists: I mean, it's awesome to know there's a target on my back, but next season starts everyone back down to square one. We're all 0-0 again.

Diablos: Last question. What would you like to say to everyone cheering you on?

Colonists: Thanks to everyone for the support. I knew I had friends in this game but the amount of support was a lot more than I expected. Thanks again to everyone and we'll do our best to run it back next season!

Well, there you have it. Roanoke will forever be called Champions! Thanks to everyone for reading this article and as always, if you have any questions, please feel free to let me know in the comments section down below! Have a great day everyone!

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Bombers : 
Great job Diablos.
4 weeks ago
Diablos : 
Thank you guys for the support! I plan on making some more articles in the near future :)
4 weeks ago
Storm, If You Ever need tips I got you, Im a certified Photoshop user and Film maker
4 weeks ago
Tarpons : 
4 weeks ago
Tarpons : - ad for jersey making, found a new sight (not revealing my sources lol)
4 weeks ago
Cobras : 
Season 88 had to be the best ws of the past 25 seasons
4 weeks ago
Bombers : 
Great article.
4 weeks ago
My jerseys in my head at least are more of a dark green/gold with grey caps.
4 weeks ago
thanks for the compliments, Storm. I appreciate the jersey mock up too, very patriotic. reminds me of a Bills-colored Patriots jersey.
4 weeks ago
O think 74 WS was better but I'm biased
4 weeks ago
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