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Season 101 All Stars By Tacoma Storm
Oct 7th 2021 By Alexandria Awards Masters

Due to a backup, there are going to be no all-stars for seasons prior that have not been made up. They will simply be cancelled. Also, due to no voting released, we are going to base the Season 101 All-Stars based on the player power rankings that the game has made. The players selected are going to be the top 10 players that meet the criteria. No personal preference here, no votes, etc. Also, we will have a collection of 10 pitchers instead of 5 relievers and 5 starters due to the fact that players with more innings have a higher chance of being at the top of the rankings. And no, I am not going through 1000 players.

In the future, the voting process will be changed. Voters will submit their players, and they must state their position for offense, and the two offensive stats they accumulate (see below for criteria). For pitchers, you have to state their name and if they are a starter or in the bullpen. I will compile the 10 best players in each position for offense. For pitchers, I will post the top 25 for starters and 25 relievers. Then, we will have a vote like we did before. For offense, you pick your top preference, and for pitching, you check the top 5 for bullpen and rotation. However, the names will be anonymized, so therefore no bias towards formerly good players or teams will occur. For offense, I will take the top players in each position, and 6 wildcards. The best wildcard candidate will be DH, and the other 5 will be bench.

Batters (2 out of 4):
AVG - .350
HR - 25
RBIs - 55
SB - 35

ERA of 2.75 or lower
WHIP of .950 or lower
IP of 75 or higher (SP) and 35 or higher (RP)
EXCEPTION - relievers must have 15+ saves to automatically qualify

Now here I present your Season 101 All Stars! (sorry I didn’t link the players this is short notice - they will be linked in the future)


1B - Hernando Coronado (Reds)
2B - Bradley Albrecht (Horned Frogs)
3B - Michael Pratt (Reds)
C - Curtis Chamberlin (Aces)
SS - Jonathan Pham (FISH TOWN)
LF - Joshua Gay (Deadly sins)
CF - Raul Velazquez (Atom Smashers)
RF - Orlando Butts (Deadly sins)
DH - Shaun Shores (Deadly sins)
Bench - Asa Gaddis (Reds)
Bench - Trace Shuster (Spitters)
Bench - Alex Sanders (Deadly sins)
Bench - Glenn Huston (FISH TOWN)
Bench - Brent Carlson (Peace Sharks)

Starting Pitchers

Miguel Gallardo (Giants)
Jaime Anders (Storm)
Alvar Salinas (Firebirds)
Norman Pearce (Ball Beaters)
Abdiel Pettigrew (Orioles)

Relief Pitchers!

Charro Ibarra (Red Sox 1)
Kenny Pettway (Gleybers)
Stanley Gonzales (Dawgs)
Timothy Giroux (Smokies)
Orlando Nieves (Reds)

By the way, Cranberries (now Awards Masters) hired me to do this. I am going to try to revert this back to what it was before, as I understand that this has deteriorated over the past few seasons. I am really looking forward to doing the All-Stars, but Cranberries are still doing the Awards votes and HOF committee.

Tacoma Storm :)

News Conversation
Storm : 
as i said, wouldve made it any other season
3 months ago
Royals0 : 
It was a career season. Im not mad or anything. Its just kind of sad that he got snuffed
3 months ago
Royals0 : 
Yeah, but Heflin 30 homers and 79 rbis
3 months ago
Storm : 
Royals0, Heflin is a great player and would make it in other seasons. However, this was completely based on player rankings due to time restrictions. Same performance in the future might win him some awards.
3 months ago
Thanks Storm, appreciate the work adding in relievers
3 months ago
Royals0 : 
Where TF is Heflin!?!?!?
4 months ago
llamas had a 5 hr 8 rbi day today
4 months ago
and fraley hes lit
4 months ago
and llamas is amazing too
4 months ago
hes amazeballs
4 months ago
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