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Aug 1st 2021 By Alexandria Awards Masters

Note: This is from Season 98

David Ladner MVP Award: Adrian Hanna: With 32 homers in 187 AB in 98, Hanna became the first player to ever win back to back MVP awards.

Toli Centeno Pitcher of the Year: Fred Kopp: Performing slightly better than a Keystone Kop, Fred dominated with an 11-1 record, 1.90 ERA, and spectacular 111:8 K/BB ratio.

Rhett Beltran Reliever of the Year: Douglas Christmas: Christmas gifted the Flying Squirrels a great season in 98, going 4-0 with 4 saves in 50 IP, as well as a great 1.44 ERA, 0.600 WHIP and 44:2 K/BB ratio!

Victoro Apocada Rookie of the Year: Gordon Beach: Beach had an amazing season and was nominated for MVP, smashing 33 homers at a .389 clip, and if not for Hanna's heroics, would have won MVP, most likely.

Hall of Fame!!!

Made It
Gideon Berryman, 2B: One of the few 250/300 men in FB history, Berryman had a very dominant stretch from Seasons 83-89 on 4 teams, hitting .366 with 102 doubles, 47 triples, 130 homers, and 187 steals. And at age 40, he managed to hit .342 with 18 dingers and 21 steals!

Franco Ramos: From 83-93, Ramos hit 20 homers in 9 of those seasons, and well, that was most of his impact on the league. With 1,046 hits, he barely made it in, but I think the voters saw him as a guy who flamed out fast, but was red-hot enough during his prime to let him in.

Johnny Staples: Staples had "only" a 16-year career, but he definitely made the most of it, playing for 5 teams and posting good seasons with all teams, he even managed to make .the All Star team at 37, as a reliever, no less. One of the great players from Shima, Staples is a well-deserved induction.

Austyn Shockley. The flame-throwing pitcher spent all 18 seasons with the Spokane Warriors and was absolutely dominant, going an insane 120-28. He never recorded anything worse than a 7-4 record and went 7-2 with a 2.10 ERA at 36! It's hard to find guys who spend all their time on a single franchise, but he is 1, and the World Champion player is beloved by Spokane fans.

Get Another Chance on the Ballot
Houston Popp
Alec Noonan
Gael Huynh
Hortencia Prado
Teodor Valle
Cuarto Curiel
Blaine Bellamy
Kale Bolton

Banished to the Hall of Good
Ricky Whalen
Cristoval Berrios
Lia Muro
Raulo Jaime

Also, 2 people did not take the HOF ballot, thus, they are fired and will be replaced by the Portland Cobras and Chicago WINNERS.

The All Star ballot make did not make the ballot, thus he will be replaced by the Chicago WINNERS.

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Hell no
6 months ago
Giants : 
DEFINITELY NOT. His slugging is just barely over 500 lmao
6 months ago
6 months ago
Raiders : 
Would Alonzo Livingston Make HOF??? hes retired
6 months ago
Sorry for forgetting Cobras, youre hired
6 months ago
Firebirds, he hit 32 homers. Thats an achievment
6 months ago
Cobras : 
canberra can I take ur spot
6 months ago
I think there should be a 200+ PA limit to hit in the MVP.
6 months ago