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Power Rankings, By Cobras + Revengers
Jul 6th 2021 By Alexandria Awards Masters

1. Cincinnati Reds (14-1)
The powerhouse Reds have powered their way to the top of our Power Rankings, displaying a very well-balanced team, averaging 9.8 runs per game and only allowing 3.7 runs to their opponents. Led by Nathan Rosenberg (.469, 23 RBI, 8 HR), these Reds look to have another great season.
2. New Orleans Hot Rods (14-1)
The 2-Time Champs are blazing hot as we near the end of the first week, riding on a 7-game winning streak which included blowouts to the tune of 22-1, 15-9, and 18-3, as well as solid wins over Royals0, THE DUKES, and Maniacs.
3. St. Johns Codfish (14-1)
Although suffering a setback loss to the Chicago WINNERS, the Codfish are still dominant as ever, hitting a whopping .422 as a team. Oscar Bowlin heads them with a whopping .413 average, 17 RBI, and 7 HR, while the ever-efficient bullpen has combined for 9 wins.
4. Eugene Spitters (13-2)
The Spitters continue their rebound from the World Series loss in blowout fashion, their last five wins containing absurd scores such as 19-9, 14-4, 12-5, 15-3, and 11-1. Despite the +89+/-, the team ERA is still high, at 5.414. The explosive offense is more than making up for it, however, averaging 11.4 runs per game and hitting .387. The Spitters are still going strong as ever, beware!
5. Chicago Atom Smashers (14-1)
The Atom Smashers are enjoying a breakout season so far, with one loss to mar their otherwise surprisingly perfect record. Rolling past great teams such as the Colonels while keeping ahead in a strong division is very impressive, not to mention the killer name.
6. St. Johns Peace Sharks (13-2)
Another St. John’s team finds its way to our Power Rankings, and well deserves it. The Sharks are on a sick 13-game winning streak and lead their league in runs. Hugh Foster has been on fire as of late, hitting in nearly every game, giving him a .388 average, 16 RBI, and 7 HR.
7. Cambridge Longballs (13-2)
The Longballs are managing to stay on top of a tight division race while being kings of the clutch, coming back to win in many of their games. Led by a strong pitching staff with expert K hurlers, these Longballs have a bright season ahead.
8. San Diego Bombers (13-2)
The 3-Time World Series winners are back with another strong start to the season, running away with their division in the process. Cesario Banda leads these high-flying Bombers batting .414 with 17 RBI and 5 HR, while Jayden Gallardo of the bullpen is wowing with a 3-1 record and a legit 0.75 ERA.
9. Spokane Warriors (14-1)
The Spokane Warriors Dominating Department is rolling as smoothly as ever, with their exceptional pitching paving the way to wins. The past eight Warriors opponents haven’t mustered over 2 runs, an exceptional feat proved by the season ERA, 2.216. Good luck trying to score on the 99 Warriors!
10. Daly City Admirals (12-3)
Right in the mix of the stacked Beta Compass Northeast Division, the Admirals are showing great skill in this well-rounded team with great marks in both hitting and pitching. Oswaldo Thacker is flexing his batting prowess with a .388 average, 23 RBI, and 8 HR while strikeout ace Keyon Gavin is displaying a 11.86 K/9 and a 2.46 ERA. A scary opponent for any team!
11. Flint Black Panthers (13-2)
In just their second season as a franchise, the Black Panthers are wowing with one of the most complete teams on this list. Top-caliber hitting and pitching with a 6-game winning streak on the side gives this team a comfortable spot on our Power Rankings.
12. McKinney Devil Ducks (14-1)
As a first season team, the McKinney Devil Ducks are exceeding all expectations, riding a 9 game win streak and  stellar play from Jeffrey Ackley (.348,18 RBI, 6 HR) and Deyvn Hoffman (.485, 18 RBI, 5 HR), who has only 33 AB, giving him a 1.061 SA. The Devil Ducks have well-earned their infernal name with their flaming good play.
13. Ontario Lightning (12-3)
The Ontario Lightning have exceeded 40 wins in their past 10 seasons and seem poised to do it again, They are just starting to heat up again, and with 7 players hitting about .300 or over, it should be an entertaining ride to watch!
14. Santa Clarita Currents (11-4)
As a solid team in one of the hardest divisions in FB, the Santa Clarita Currents aren’t your average 11-4 team. They battled an intense 15-inning matchup against the Anchorage Aces and then proceeded to defeat a division rival, the 12-3 Bears. This team is capable of taking down the best of their league.
15. Baltimore Orioles (12-3)
The Orioles are back, with some of the best pitching in the world! Showcasing a ridiculous 1.959 ERA and .823 WHIP, this more-than-capable pitching rotation is lugging the comparatively sluggish offense (4.6 runs per game) to a great record to start the season.

And One: Plano Revengers (12-3)
Behind a stingy group of pitchers and the mighty bats of Brenton Borden (.348, 11 RBI, 5 HR) and Weston Ricci (.313, 12 RBI, 5 HR) the Plano Revengers are battling to take the divisional lead from the Longballs in the loaded Copper Spring Northeast Division.
Honorable Mentions:
New York 62 Mets (14-1) Another great first-season team with boatloads of potential.
Kansas City Flying Squirrels (11-4) A great offense as always and a great winning team
Atlanta Caneros (12-3) A proven World Series champion off to a great start to the season.
Philadelphia Lumberjacks (11-4) A new franchise with a killer logo and an epic team.

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