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All-Star Ballot
Jun 23rd 2021 By Seattle Cyclones

Cranberries was unable to do the All-Star ballot this season, so I stepped in to do this one. We are unsure who will do it next season, but for now, please submit the All-Star ballot.

Hitters needed 2 or more of...

.325+ AVG
25+ HRs
55+ RBIs
25+ SB

Starting Pitchers needed

60+ IP
Less than a 2.00 ERA
Less than a .90 WHIP

Relief Pitcher needed

25+ IP
2+ saves
No ERA and WHIP requirement, but had to be pretty respectable

Here is the Ballot, results will be out within the week!

Thanks, Cyclones

News Conversation
thats weird......
7 months ago
must me me then :(((
7 months ago
Bombers : 
it workes!
7 months ago
so sorry, but still all frozen :(
7 months ago
can someone test and see if it works now? does for me but i created it so....
7 months ago
I may have fixed it..idk I went thru all the settings, and it did work this morning
7 months ago
wtf how it worked the whole morning
7 months ago
THE THING IS, the ballot doesn't work.
7 months ago
7 months ago
Kent Sparrow should be the MVP in my opinion.
7 months ago
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