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Awards + HOF (Season 97)
Jun 21st 2021 By Alexandria Awards Masters

MVP: Adrian Hanna
Pitcher of the Year: Reed Roberson The First
Reliever of the Year: Gotzone Ortega
Rookie of the Year: Gage Gill

Hall of Fame
Levi Sanford
Neil Faison
Ernesto Council
Isaac Barkley
Saul Almanza
Kylan Ridenour

News Conversation
Bears : 
Kylan Ridenour is a god
7 months ago
I think it's bc he ahs saves. My pitcher Lamm is 9-1 and hasn't started any games
7 months ago
Bombers : 
Thanks Cranberries
7 months ago
Bombers : 
ortega is not a reliver wtf? maybe now he is, but he was not for a majorioty for the year
7 months ago
For this season maybe for ROY since this is his first full season
7 months ago
These are awards from 97, not this season. They're very late lol
7 months ago
nah I think Reed Roberson of dragons is better... the record
7 months ago
4.12 ERA for Reed Robertson.
7 months ago