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Game Highlights Return Soon, By Cyclones
May 6th 2021 By Canberra Cranberries

So this is the Cyclones, and as the title may show you, I am planning to restart the highlight articles that had started (and ended) in Season 91. They were a fun way to see what was going on around FB and get a bit of fame. However, they ended about halfway through the season because of a couple problems.

One issue was the amount of articles. The Canberra Cranberries and Tacoma Fury were writing every day, and even though they were well-written, they clogged up the news archives and the writers spare time. Many people thought an article everyday was too much, and I was one of them. Below, there is a google form where you can vote on how many articles there are per WEEK (1 or 2), and how many games are highlighted per DAY in each article (1,2,3,4), Please be aware that 1 game a day and 2 articles a week would end in a 3 game article, and that 4 per day and 1 article per week would end in 28 games (too much)

A second problem was with game selection. Many people felt that their games were not being chosen, while blowouts and meaningless games made it. That is another thing that can be changed. If you would LIKE to, you may message me with the game link. Every game will be compared with other games, using this scale.

Amazing Ending (10 pts): If the game ends in a walkoff, 9th inning comeback, or a game-long comeback.

Great Game (7 pts): Close game

Game Between Active Teams (5 pts): 2 active teams facing off

Game Between 2 Teams with Good/Great records (3 pts): Does not matter if the team is a bot, if they have a good record, they make it

Rivalry/Important Game (3 pts): Divisional/League Playoff implications or rivalries

Single Player Carry (2 pts): No-hitter, 3 HRs, you get it.

Storyline (1 pt): A player against a former team, nearing HOF eligibility or a milestone stat, etc..

Please do not feel like you have to message me for your game to get into the highlights. I will do searching on my own, but it is much easier if I don’t have to go through every game on the site. Feel free to comment below with any questions or helpful ideas! The first article will come out either Tuesday the 11th OR Saturday the 15th, depending on what people vote for. Thanks!


News Conversation
Giants : 
less frequent than last time
4 months ago
Giants : 
Make the highlights less frequent please
4 months ago
No a close game is most important...that is ot close, or active team
4 months ago
How about this game
4 months ago
yeah any game from Saturday on
4 months ago
Aces : 
Ok so the games we put in have to be from this Saturday or after...?
4 months ago
My game is 11-11 in bottom of 9th
4 months ago
how bout blow and Game Between 2 Teams with Good/Great records
4 months ago
That should work a blow vs division rival nice
4 months ago
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