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May Madness! Triple-A Offseason Tournament

Apr 29th 2021 By Tacoma Storm

Important Note: Same article as last time - but I need more people to see it, so I am reposting. Click my franchise name to see who is in it.

This is happening in the May offseason.

We are having a Triple-A tournament with 68 teams, in March Madness format. Your team must compile a roster solely from players in your AAA. These players must have 0 AB or 0 IP in Season 97 to play in this. If this rule is broken, your team is automatically disqualified.

We will have 4 divisions. Eastern (east of Mississippi), Central (west of Mississippi, east of Rocky Mountains), Western (west of Rocky Mountains), and International. If there are more than 16 teams in a single division, we will move people around, so your location does not 100% say where you are going to be.

Seeding will be based on team records in Season 97. To be a 1st seed, you either need to have a top-league record OR make the WS that season.

First Four will be different. Instead of 16 and 11 seeds, we will do 13 and 4 seeds. 4-seeds will play into the Eastern and Western Divisions, and the 13-seeds will play into Central and International Divisions.

May 26th - Selection Date

May 27th -
7 PM - First Four

May 28th -
2 PM - First Round
7 PM - Second Round

May 29th -
2 PM - Sweet 16
7 PM - Elite 8

May 30th -
2 PM - Final 4
7 PM - National Championship

I will see if Admins can auto-schedule, but if not, you are responsible. The winner will be decided on a best-of-three spin on Wheel Decide if not scheduled.

The winner will get bragging rights, any player of their choice on my team, and will be solidified in history.

There are 40 SPOTS left. This will be updated hourly. To join, privately message me. The deadline to join is May 25th. Good luck!

Tacoma Fury

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