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Season 96 Predictions - Mets and Rhody

Apr 1st 2021 By Tacoma Storm

Predictions for Season 96 ft. RhOdy, By: Mets (Bonus Section about 10 minute rule)

Watching/Reading time: 30 minutes

This season I am doing the predictions a little differently. I made mine in a video and RhOdy Trends 287 were the guests this time. I did explain their predictions in the video but I included theirs below also. Please watch these videos.
AFTER WATCHING please fill out the form at the end of the article. If you are able to assess the videos there is really no need to read RhOdy's predictions but if you want you can anyway since there was a slight difference. The videos are about 23 minutes long all together so if you don't have time to watch them all in once then wait till you do because they are all continuations of each other.


1. Please download the video and try again. The download symbol is at the top right of the screen.
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3. Message me

Here are RhOdy's precitions:

Who will win it all?

I think Mad Antz are going to win it all. They have an excellent team, and their division is not that hard. They are going to beat the San Digeo Bombers(I gotta classify now because we have 3 other Bombers that are pretty good, Las Vegas, Barrie, and Milwaukee) in 5 games. APRIL FOOLS! (idea by Rhody Trends, Fury made it)

Atlanta THE DUKES over Springfield Eagles. Apparently, ever since I joined, all the WS have gone to game 5's. Before that, there was never a game 5. So I think it will be another game 5 scenario. Right now, the Eagles are due. They've won their division for the past many seasons (except last season), but can't seem to keep it going. But they will fall short to THE DUKES. If you go on my franchise information, you will see some episodes of "FranchiseBall Pennant Chase" by me. I will be looking at new teams and will be assessing the rosters of many teams.

Who will be the worst team?

Well, last year, I was super surprised to see how bad Fortnite Fishies (formerly known as Concord Champion) did. But I think that'll be a one season stint. I also think Rochester Spoofly will struggle. But if I had to pick the WORST, I'd say Fort Lauderdale Bank Loans. Is that team even trying? Because last year was pitiful... pathetic. It seems as if they are tanking, which if they are... they're doing a hell of a job!

Who will be a surprise team in the playoffs?

I gotta go with Franzes. The Providence Franzes will be making a key move by getting Tyree Fair from yours truly, along with red-hot Jayce Eaton. Their pitching is exceptional and hitting is clutch. They are always a contender, but I think they will be in the World Playoffs... in fact, I'm going to go out on a limb and say they will lose to Springfield Eagles in the final game of the World Playoffs, and that will be how the Eagles will go on to the World Series. I also think that SeltzerAdrenalin's roster is improving significantly, but they're too new and inexperienced right now to do major damage.

Who will surprisingly miss the playoffs?

I mustn't lie... but I think it'll be VDS. Their activeness has been decreasing and they will probably struggle. When I make my predictions, I stay 100% unbiased. And I think Dragon Shrimp will struggle, and that is not just because of activeness, but also because of depth. The depth is a key to success. Just think of the Dodgers... they had 3-4 players who sat the bench who'd start on almost every other team. But VDS doesn't have that, and that's going to be a problem.

What do you think the most competitive division will be?

Mets told me to keep my responses long, but I can't really make this one that long because this is easy: Theta Premier Southeast. Theta Premier Southeast consists of the red-hot, and I mean RED-HOT, Green Bay Brewers, Springfield Eagles (see above), Philadelphia PRbadapples (see below), Tuscon Quit Cryin, a bot, and a jabroni that may have a winning record.

What team do you think will have the best record, and what do you think the record will be?

This is a hard one. Virginia Beach jimmies AND Hartford HTFD_YANKEES are my picks, though. Virginia Beach will have a WAY harder schedule, because Hartford HTFD_YANKEES is in a weak Desert Gold division. Virginia Beach is in the second hardest division in Theta Premier. They will both go 51-9. Hartford HTFD_YANKEES will represent Desert Gold, but Virginia Beach jimmies will not. They will win the division, but I think lose to 4 seeded Kansas City Flying Squirrels.

Who will majorly fall off from last season?

VDS or Nightcrawlers. VDS will miss the playoffs as I said above, but Nightcrawlers will squeeze in the playoffs. But Nightcrawlers (no disrespect) need some team refurbishing/refurnishing. I feel like they need new pitching, even though lots of teams may think that their pitching is good. They also need some more power on their team. They won't strike out much at all, but power is something they should look to get.

Who will win the wildcard?

Philadelphia PRbadapples. Their offseason performances were shaky, but that will change once April 1st arrives. They will fool their opponents and win lots of games. But the success will majorly come in the Wild Card. I think they will San Diego Bombers to win the Wild Card, but lose their first game in the World Playoffs.

Who will improve their team record the most from last season?

Cambridge Longballs. Last season was rough for Cambridge and they should do much better this season. They went 32-28 last season... they will get 13 more wins I think. Cambridge will hit 45 wins and make a Wild Card run by winning 4 games. But once they run into PRbadapples, they will lose. My other teams that I was thinking of including were Royals0, Air Raiders, and Grand Prairie Lightning, and Bellingham Giants.

What offline/ partially offline team will go the farthest?

Ontario Lightning. Apparently, they will be less active than usual. But that doesn't mean much to me. They've had 40+ wins in the last 7 season, and will continue that streak. In fact, they will win Delta Premier South, but then lose after that.

Best bot in FB?

Seattle Admins Jr... just kidding. I think it'll be SilopannA SaintS. They just joined about 5 hours before I wrote this, and I think they have a decent roster.

Here is the form:

Thanks for Reading, Mets

P.S. Please fill out the form and watch the videos

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