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Who wins? Fury vs Mets Season 95 Prediction Results REVEALED!

Mar 30th 2021 By Tacoma Storm

This was going to be a series but it was just this season. Enjoy!

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Reading time: ~5-6 minutes

Question: Who will win it all:

Mets: When I think of the best teams in FB and who should make the WS, I think that the Giants and Reds should make the WS every year. This is not the case because the FB simulator can be unpredictable at times. Saying that, although the simulator can be unpredictable I still think the best-rated team (in my opinion), the Reds, will win the WS again for the 3rd time in their franchize history.

Fury: I say that Springfield will close the gap and with their first. They had a stellar Season 94, and they will likely improve this year by a big margin.

Who won?: Fury. Both teams were in the wildcard this year and the Eagles got further. 1-0 Fury!

Question: Who will be the worst team:

Mets: I think the Mad Antz will be the worst team. I’m pretty sure the cotton pickers are not trying to 60-0 again and the Mad Antz are still planning to tank if I am correct.

Fury: Las Vegas Outlaws are gonna be the worst. Yes, the Cotton Pickers might be, but they might stop tanking after reaching their 0-60 accomplishment last season.

Who won?: Mets. The Mad Antz were 8-52, the 3rd worst record in FB. The Admins 2nd team the Outlaws were 25-35, which is nowhere close to the Mad Antz. 1-1!

Question: Who will be a surprise team in the playoffs:

Mets: I think that the Rhody tests will surprisingly go farther then expected in the playoffs. Their players really overperformed and with new acquisitions from trades coming in, I think they will win at least 35 games. They are in a tough division with the Krakens but I think they will come out on top.

Fury:  The surprise team is gonna be the Houston Nightcrawlers, they are gonna shine after coming back.

Who won?: Fury. Both teams were eliminated after 3 games with the Night Crawlers in the WC and the Rhody Trends in the bracket. I am going to say I won this one because the tie breaker was a better record and they tied. The next tie breaker was run differential and the NightCrawlers had the better of the two with a +92 over a +84. 2-1 Fury!

Question: Who will surprisingly miss the playoffs:

Mets: I think the Suwon Chicken Peacocks will miss out. They won the division while being offline for the whole season and all of their best players were taken. Their pitching is in jeopardy and I don't’ see a way for them to make it.

Fury:  I think that the Devils will miss the playoffs, after a lot of changes that are questionable.

Who won?: Mets. The Devils made it and the Chicken Peacocks were purged. They were prob. Not going to make it but if they did they were not going to get a better record than the Devils. 2-2!

Question: What do you think the most competitive division will be:

Mets: I think the Alpha Ruby East will be the most competitive again. Everyone knows why so there is no need to explain. I definitely think that the Delta Premier North East will have the best records all around but competitive means close and I think that the closest division will be Alta Ruby East (besides Dank Memes).

Fury: We already know the answer to this. Delta Premier North** East. However, Alpha Ruby East might shine this year. Who knows?
(**The Fury originally said East. I think the Fury meant to say Northeast so I edited it)

Who won?: Fury. What we were going to do is add the top 3 teams games behind added up. Delta Premier North East was 21. Alpha Ruby East was 23. 3-2 Fury!

Question: What team do you think will have the best record, and what do you think the record will be:

Mets: I think the Reds will have the best record. After their world series loss they really need to show up this season and I think they will. I can see them going 53-7.

Fury: Best record is going to the San Diego Giants. They were superb last year, and with their improvements and smart managerial moves, I see them winning 55 games.

Who won?: Fury. Reds with a very disappointing season. The Giants won 48 and the Reds won 46. The fury are up 4-2!

Question: Who will majorly fall off from last season:

Mets: I think the Currents will make the playoffs but fall off a lot from the last season. They won 46 games last season and I think they will win around 35 games. 10 games is a big drop and I think this is because of the loss of the premium subscription.

Fury: Deadly sins are gonna fall off a cliff, from 56-4 to 40-45 wins. Especially in a tough division.

Who won?: Mets. Both teams dropped off. The Sins dropped 4 games and the currents dropped 14. Mets are catching up, 3-4 Fury!

Question: Who will win the wildcard:

Mets: This is always a hard question but I think the Red Sox 1 with their strong pitching will win it.

Fury: FISH TOWN are gonna break barriers, their powerful offense will push through and win it all.

Who won?: Mets. Both teams got no further than the 3rd round. The Red Sox 1 got to the 3rd and FISH TOWN got knocked out by the Burgers in the 1st round. Tie game! 4-4!

Question: Who will improve their team record the most from last season:

Mets: I think that the Tacoma Fury will improve a lot. They have gotten a lot of good pitching which shows in their first few games.

Fury: I think that Rhody will improve. After all, you got Winfield n' Avery, and pretty solid hitting in Sal Guillen.

Who won?: Mets. Rhody improved by 2, Fury by 5. Mets come back! 5-4 Mets!

Question: What offline/ partially offline team will go the farthest:

Mets: I think that the Calgary Fire birds will go far although they are only online for about 2 hours combined in a season.

Fury: I think that Calgary will go far again, they are crazy good and won the WS offline.

Who won?: Nobody. The Fire Birds were not the best offline team. But since both teams picked the same team it’s a tie for this category. Mets win 6-5!

Congrats to the New York Mets (me) for winning the season 95 predictions. Next season the Mets will do a video.
I hope you have enjoyed the article. If you have please comment below, or put suggestions of other predictions I can make for the next season’s articles.

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Storm : 
i miss mets :(
5 months ago
Mets : 
1 year ago
lol picking my team for a couple of these could've won the predictions :)
1 year ago
Mets : 
thanks for understanding
1 year ago
Bombers : 
It is okay Mets :)
1 year ago
Mets : 
I should have said like. The Bombers won the wildcard, but nobody predicted that. Both teams got no further than the 3rd round. The Red Sox 1 got to the 3rd and FISH TOWN got knocked out by the Burgers in the 1st round. Tie game! 4-4!
1 year ago
Mets : 
Bombers I am sorry for not metionsing you
1 year ago
Storm : 
i can name one team that doesn't like me: Cranberries (ez peasy)
1 year ago
1 year ago
I can name one team that doesnt like me: Giants
1 year ago
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