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Tourny Update #2

Mar 29th 2021 By Tacoma Storm

The Mets tournament is over, and the Tacoma Fury have won it all.

Congrats to the lucky 8 teams that won round 2! These are the passers of the luck draw, and the 9 AM matchups on 3/30.

New York Mustangs
St. Johns Peace Sharks

Atlanta Firebirds
New York Mets

Providence Rhody Tests (or Longballs idk which one wants it)
Kansas City Royals0

San Diego Giants
Boston Red Sox 1

News Conversation
I gave up my spot to Longballs because he gave his up to me a bit of time ago.
1 year ago
Who should schedule the games?
1 year ago
rbis : 
Congrats at first try doing a tournament. Not easy at all.Right?
1 year ago
But congrats!
1 year ago
Maybe next time I should post something that has you winning it all lmao
1 year ago