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Mar 26th 2021 By Alexandria Country Yankees

C: Geoffery Browning
1B: Hernando Coronado
2B: Galtero Adorno
3B: Ahmad Vargas
SS: Andreo Garay
LF: Enrique Blair
CF: Austyn Beauliu
RF: Jamal Nagel
DH: Osvaldo Mowery
BENCH: Danilo Alcala
BENCH: Freddy Lindsay
BENCH: Asa Hamm
BENCH: Alec Noonan
BENCH: Florinio Cabrera

SP 1: Onfre Mercado
SP 2: Brooks Cade
SP 3: Kendrick Weller
SP 4: Socorro Garcia
SP 5: Natal Concepcion

RP 1: Jacoby Cowan
RP 2: Ramiro Morris
RP 3: Markus Cota
RP 4: Ginessa Samaniego
RP 5: Gerardo Pulido (he must have had a horrible outing in the playoffs, cause he used to have a 2-something ERA.)

Awards Ballots are coming soon to the HOF Committee! Hope y’all all had a good bid night.

News Conversation
Storm : 
Awards Masters - I would love to petition that Nathan Maynard replaces Alec Noonan (idgaf if I said this 12 seasons too late)
5 months ago
Mets : 
thats ok I'm out for the day
1 year ago
Raiders : 
i forgot oops ( SORRY )
1 year ago
Raiders : 
1 year ago
Raiders : 
o yea lol i traded em to cyclones
1 year ago
Mets : 
I traded vargas form the cycones not you but thanks anyway
1 year ago
Raiders : 
i think you deff won that Vargas trade
1 year ago
Mets : 
no ahmed vargas (my 3B) won lol I mean when you hit 33 bombs, and get over 80 rbi's and also hit over .420 you better win
1 year ago
alexzander ali for 3b
1 year ago
Mets : 
I mean I cannot belive 3 players mad it form my team I hope we have 4 this season lol
1 year ago
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