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Mets Challenge is full! Fury Bracket is still going on, and the PR Challenge Attack
Mar 23rd 2021 By Tacoma Storm

32 teams have signed up for the Mets off-season tournament. Because of the outstanding popularity of the tournament no 2nd teams were able to be included. More updates will be on the way regarding the bracket, rules and so much more! By the way this is happening from the 27th-29th. If you are in the mavs tournament or the Challenge attack please message me.

The bracket will be composed like a regular bracket. I will decide the seeds based on my knowledge of the teams skill level. The bracket will be made by a seeds that I will come up with based on the teams last few seasons records and skill level. Also the pitcher you will get if you win will be a 80/90/80/90 21 yr pitcher. I will update the article once the season ends or when we get enough responses.

The Fury offseason tournament will consist of the 8 teams that made it past the luck draw in February.

The Mets Tournament is on March 27-29 and any team can register.
Meanwhile, the Fury tournament is closed for entry and the 8 teams past the luck draw will be included. This will be on the 30th, and matchups will be determined by whoever is able to schedule. Also, Rhody Trends gave up their spot to the Longballs.

Thanks, Mets and Fury

Lastly, remember to sign up for the Caguas Newnacionals PR Challenge Attack. Due to the other tournaments, it will be small this offseason, but register at your own will.

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