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Rhody’s March Madness Thing
Mar 15th 2021 By Alexandria Awards Masters

Wassup jabronis! This is Rhody 287! I have a great idea for another challenge by yours truly.

I bet y'all know what March Madness is. Well, here's the link for the group (password is FranchiseBall):

Make your picks and the winner will get 2B) Shannon Keel. And remember, GO HOYAS!

-- Rhody 287

News Conversation
Dragons : 
Aw man, I love to do this type of stuff. I just joined 2 months too late :(
5 months ago
The winner of the challenge is Newark Devils. Congratulations!
7 months ago
sooo how about Iowa
7 months ago
im leaving at the end of the season im not trading so BID ON MY PLAYERS
7 months ago
7 months ago
UNT just caused some problems
7 months ago
Lmao I picked Oregon State in every bracket sadly I forgot to do this league
7 months ago
Thanks Tennessee for screwing my bracket
7 months ago
Ohio state can go kill themselves, especially Duane Washington
7 months ago
ohio state just shafted the entire league
7 months ago
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