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Congrats to the Fire Birds! And more announcements
Feb 26th 2021 By Tacoma Storm

To start, I would like to congratulate Calgary for their amazing win against Cincinnati in this season's world series. You don't have to be online to win games. The Hollies beat the ObZen in the Alta Canyon Finals in 91, despite not being online for two weeks. And the Fire Birds deserved that win.

In the next few days, I will be releasing a rewind article to rewind the insane comeback that was displayed by Calgary.

Also, just remember, tonight is bid night, just remember to get your bids in, and not $100 mil ones. And remember the 30-minute rule (previously the 10-minute rule).

The Storm offseason tournament is tomorrow, I will post draws. However, you need to schedule yourself, I will not be active for it due to me having a tennis tournament. The home team is responsible to scheduling, please do not schedule a game when your opponent has already scheduled one.

Thanks, and bye!


P.S. - This is not an article, it is an announcement. I am sick and fucking tired of all the criticism I receive by  making short articles. I am even lucky to be doing stuff for you guys in the first place. So treat me with respect. Any comments toward me in the comments will be flagged, recorded, AND reported.

DRAW (winner gets a player on my team of your choice)

Tokyo Magic
St. Johns Peace Sharks

Atlanta Firebirds
New York Mets

Providence Rhody Tests
Kansas City Royals0

San Diego Giants
Red Sox 1

News Conversation
Mets : 
well it didn't happen lol
8 months ago
that's a blockbuster
8 months ago
wow i'm excited for giants-red sox
8 months ago
hot rods or codfish also should've gone farther. rods have a couple, codfish don't, but both are long overdue at the moment.
8 months ago
anyone notice the dig at Reds......"and not 100 mil ones.....such a low thing to say Storm.
8 months ago
had a great season but should've been toppled by the rods earlier...but that's how it goes.
8 months ago
100% agreed Cranberries
8 months ago
Franzes : 
Not to call anyone out or start a fight, just a reccomendation
8 months ago
Franzes : 
Fellas...yall should really make an effort not to drop f bombs in this...
8 months ago
Calgary deserved it? Wowwwwwwww, thats such a fucked thing to say, oh, a dead team deserves a World Series more than an active one! Stfu
8 months ago
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