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Predictions - by Rhody Tests

Feb 23rd 2021 By Tacoma Storm

Thank you everyone who made the predictions. They are closed now. Here's how it is:
(On the left is the team who made the prediction, on the right is that team's predicted team to win)

New York Mets -> Cincinnati Reds
Tacoma Storm -> New Orleans Hot Rods
Atlanta Firebirds -> Pittsburgh Ex-Crushing Mavericks
San Francisco Skyhawks -> San Diego Giants
Cambridge Longballs -> San Diego Giants
Newark GamerBoy1808 -> New Orleans Hot Rods
Manchester Maniancs -> Dayton Suck socks
Santa Clarita Currents -> Fort Worth Horned Frogs
Houston Astronauts -> Cincinnati Reds
Edmonton Eskimos -> St. Johns Codfish
Dayton "Goober" Suck socks -> Cincinnati Reds
Buffalo Blue Jays -> Cincinnati Reds
St. Louis Cardinals -> St. Johns Codfish
Las Vegas Bombers -> San Diego Giants
Joe Mama -> Winnipeg Frost
Valencia Dragon Shrimp -> Cincinnati Reds
St. Johns Peace Sharks -> Albuquerque Tiger Kings
Aurora Tall Guppies -> Cincinnati Reds
Providence Franzes -> Cincinnati Reds
San Diego Giants -> San Diego Giants
Antioch ____ Blockers -> New Orleans Hot Rods
New Orleans Hot Rods -> New Orleans Hot Rods
New Orleans Pickers -> New Orleans Hot Rods
Fort Lauderdale Bank Loans -> New Orleans Hot Rods
Fort Wayne Mad Antz -> Dayton Suck socks
Miami Yankees -> New Orleans Hot Rods
Virginia Beach Jimmies -> New Orleans Hot Rods
Kyoto Kites -> Kansas City KCKC
Milwaukee Lightning Badgers -> St. Johns Codfish

Remember, if you win, send me a trade before February 28th that involves Ray Albert, Ezra Guerin, OR Porfiro Soria. IF there are multiple winners, I will choose the BEST trade offer.

Thanks for participating.

Good luck everyone,

-- Rhody Tests

News Conversation
Prolly not
1 year ago
are we going to do this again this year
1 year ago
Nobody gets a player wow
1 year ago
Mets : 
your still good but like they do have the best team!
1 year ago
1 year ago
Mets : 
7 people picked it nauts you are not the goat there are others like me
1 year ago
No way. I have picked the Reds to win it all! If they win, I am the GOAT of picks
1 year ago
on trade day is when we send?
1 year ago
Mets : 
I could win the prediction thing0go reds!
1 year ago
Example: if Mets and Astronauts both choose Albert, I will pick the best one. But if Mets chooses Albert and Astronauts chooses Guerin, then they will both be accepted. So most likely, 3 people will be able to trade for them WHEN Cincy wins it all
1 year ago
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