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Franchise Ball Power Pros All-Star Game Update
Feb 17th 2021 By Honolulu Shimakaze

Hello owners,

The setting-up process has been a great success so far! Thank you for your cooperation up to this point. The game is still set to be held hopefully on Thursday, February 18, 2021, but due to my presence in the area affected by power outages, expect delays if necessary.

Furthermore, the team draft has been held. Here are the results:

Team 1:
-San Diego Bombers (C)
-San Diego Giants
-Edmonton Robins
-Houston Astronauts
-Yonkers Renegades
-Philadelphia FISH TOWN
-New York Mets
-San Francisco Skyhawks

Team 2:
-Honolulu Shimakaze (C)
-Oakland ObZen
-Boston Red Sox 1
-Stamford Demo Yankees
-Vancouver Terrace Ice
-Kansas City Royals0
-Atlanta Firebirds
-Providence Franzes

For full details on players selected and rules, please visit the Google Doc:

Thank you everyone! I will (hopefully) see you on the Discord Steam tomorrow at 8PM EST/5 PM  PST.

News Conversation
Nukes : 
11 months ago
Bombers : 
Bombers who 9-6. Shima has a link to the game
11 months ago
who's winning?
11 months ago
Giants : 
just click the thing that says discord at the top
11 months ago
Nvm I can't get discord
11 months ago
When is the game?
11 months ago
question. how many games being played?
11 months ago
Bombers : 
I picked Ledesma and Nagel from my team. They will bat 3 and 4
11 months ago
Giants : 
11 months ago
Bombers : 
11 months ago
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