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Introducing the Franchise Ball Power Pros All-Star Game!
Feb 16th 2021 By Honolulu Shimakaze

Introducing the Franchise Ball Power Pros All-Star Game!


-Owners volunteer their teams as part of a draft pool. A pool of 16 teams is made: FIRST-COME, FIRST-SERVE.
-Two team captains "draft" the pool (minus their own teams) of 14 teams. A total of 8 teams should be selected for each all-star team.
-Once a team is "drafted," the captain has the choice to select 2 players from each team. 2 players * 8 teams should yield a lineup of 16 players: 11 fielders and 5 pitchers (This should be enough to play in a one-game playoff).

-Shimakaze makes the teams in the Dolphin Emulator version of MLB Power Pros 2008. They will strive to make sure the teams are as fair as possible.
-In-game player ratings are based on BOTH Scout Ratings and Player Stats.

General FB to Power Pros Rating Translator:
95-100 (FB)  = A (Power Pros)
90-94 = B
80-89 = C
70-79 = D
60-69 = E
50-59 = F
<49 = G
*Please note that player stats will greatly affect Power Pros Ratings as well. For example, if an 80 scout rating player in FB is hitting .350+, their Power Pros rating will jump from C to B.

-Games are played automatically. No one is allowed to interfere with the games but the computer.
-Games will be streamed via Discord Stream. Hopefully, they will be recorded as well.

Please message me, Shimakaze, if you want to join.

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it is storm
4 months ago
4 months ago
I do, don't worry
4 months ago
It is but a different aspect if you know what I mean:)
4 months ago
I have never done fantasy baseball, but I love fantasy football. It seems like the same idea
4 months ago
I am in if you saw
4 months ago
Tigers : 
Me pls!
4 months ago
If anyone has done fantasy baseball before and wants to do it with a bunch of teams in FB themselves there are spots open
4 months ago
Tigers : 
Me too lol
4 months ago
Fuck I missed admission
4 months ago
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