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All Star Submissions Are Open, Tanking Issue, And Reducing Articles
Feb 16th 2021 By Alexandria Awards Masters

PART 1: All Stars

So, All Star submissions are open! You may submit people who you think are gonna make these requirements

HITTERS (2 of 4)
.355+ AVG
25+ HR
55+ RBI
25+ SB

<2.75 ERA
<0.900 WHIP

PART 2: Tanking

Now, about tanking. I was talkin’ on Discord yesterday, people were bitching and moaning about tanking and Bombers threatening to leave and all that, and then a lightbulb went off in my head. Bombers didn’t want to play tank teams, but other teams thought tanking should be allowed. I personally thought tanking should be contained, but I had no idea how. Until I did, that is.

We would put tank teams in their own little league, where, depending on how much Josh would want to code it, but there are 2 roads to go down.

ROAD 1, Simple Road: Just make the league like any other league, but nobody makes it to the Worlds (depends on how willing Josh is to code it), it’s just a league playoffs that climaxes in the Tanking World Series. This would be a lot easier for Josh, but less fun for the tankers. Prolly could be done in no time at all.

ROAD 2, Complex Road: Make the league, the last place teams make the playoffs, the loser advances, and there’s a Worst of 5 Tanking World Series (first to 3 losses wins), perhaps with a FA & Draft pool of FTV 6 and lower. This is would be whole lot more fun for the tank teams, but this would take a helluva long time for Josh to code.

So, talk about it! It will be interesting to hear what people have to say.


Kind of ironic that I’m writing an article about this, right? Well, this is the route I have to go. I don’t have sympathy for the Nationals calling people’s work hot trash, but I do get pissed off when I see [REDACTED TEAM NAME] publishing 6 articles in a week that amount to 100 words and Grade D quality. Those are pointless, and, damn, the Urgent Articles and Game Highlights baloney that we used to have were pretty fricking pointless, because they were rushed, and most everybody either knew about it or didn’t care about it.

Some stuff has to happen though. I have to publish the All Star, HOF, Awards Stuff, so that takes up a little bit of space, but only, like, 4 articles a month. But, I could definitely mass publish the Awards into one article, featuring the Hall of Famers, ask anybody who writes an article after All Star submissions open to put that announcement at the end of the article, and now we only have 1 article. Personally, I think there should only be a few types of articles.

1. Josh’s Announcements (not many, if any at all)
2. Opinion Pieces (2 max per week, well thought out and well-written, have to go through me)
3. Remembering the (Fill in the Team Name) (Only a famous team, well thought out, detailing their highlights but not going overboard)
4. The Awards Thing (1 a season)

Also, comment below if you have anything to say.

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11 months ago
That is mostly just gonna be a WS recap, I think
11 months ago
season recap?
11 months ago
i like writing
11 months ago
I got you. i'd like being an article writer
11 months ago
If anyone can write good, quality articles like the articles of olden days, Ill be all for it
11 months ago
Also for all-star submissions, CHECK OUT MY ENTIRE STARTING 5 OF PITCHERS. I have the best pitching in Franchise Ball BY FAR right now (I checked).
11 months ago
id be interested in writing too
11 months ago
Who's over this whole article process? I'm tired of seeing horrible 100-word articles that look like they took 5 minutes (not talking about this article of course); I want to get involved and start writing.
11 months ago
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11 months ago
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