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The Art of Tanking #2 - Should We Allow Teams to Tank?
Feb 16th 2021 By Tacoma Storm

In their famous campaign to 0-60, the Cotton Pickers received a bunch of criticism from teams like the Astronauts and Bombers, saying that tanking ruins the integrity of the game. These are the teams arguments. Some are towards the arguments, and some are towards tanking itself.


Fort Wayne Mad Antz - Tanking is way more difficult than people think, and I have huge respect for the Cotton Pickers for being so close to getting 0-60. Just like winning, tanking takes dedication and can require some clutch managing skills in-game.

The game itself and everything within the game manager is designed assuming that every team's goal is to win. Going against the game's design and getting a record that not many people go for has been difficult for teams like me and the Cotton Pickers, and it's been fun for both of us and fun for some other teams to cheer us along. I think it's just a fun thing that Cotton Pickers and I (and maybe a few other new teams) have been doing and I don't see why certain teams are so upset about it.

New Orleans Cotton Pickers - Yeah I'm more than willing to give my thoughts about this shit.

ever since that article was written about mad antz and i, bombers has been coming after me trying to get me banned and trying to get josh to take action against me tanking. i'm not doing anything to anybody, im literally just having fun and playing this game in my own way.
I think bombers is just mad that I'm getting so much attention for being so bad.

San Diego Giants (from team page) - Well said man. I COMPLETELY agree with you. You doing this has literally no affect on other teams, other than them getting a free win.


Houston Astronauts - My point is, I believe that ALL teams should win some games and lose some games. It is how sports works.

Bombers was busy, sorry.

I am 100% for tanking. #freethetank. It doesn't affect the teams at all, and if teams want to do it, then go ahead

You can spread your ideas in the comments.

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Storm : 
2 weeks ago
Storm : 
wow I was a bitch back then lol, sorry yall for being toxic, i feel ive gotten better but if yall have concerns abt me and are upset about something i did, lmk but messaging me and ill try to resolve it
3 months ago
11 months ago
Im not gonna ask the people to stop tanking, but Im also not saying, like Storm, Go Ahead and tank! Thats stupid
11 months ago
11 months ago
"free agency" lol
11 months ago
i dont think its a good idea to tank but its their free agency
11 months ago
I am not #freethetank, but Im also not blindly following Bombers. I like to think of myself as the ideological middle of this
11 months ago
Giants : 
11 months ago
Giants : 
Thats great to hear Regs!
11 months ago
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