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Midseason Power Rankings
Feb 10th 2021 By Tacoma Storm

Team Power Rankings (all ties are distinguished by FB, NOT by me)

1. St Johns Deadly Sins
2. Cincinnati Reds
3. Buffalo Blue Jays
4. Allentown Doubledays
5. Dayton Suck socks
6. Boston Red Sox 1
7. New York Mets
8. Atlanta Firebirds
9. Vancouver Terrace Ice
10. Mount Vernon Boxers
11. Spokane Warriors
12. Knoxville Smokies
13. San Diego Bombers
14. Philadelphia FISH TOWN
15. Yonkers Renegades
16. St Johns Codfish
17. Kansas City Royals0
18. Caguas Newnacionals
19. Springfield Eagles
20. Atlanta Caneros
21. Calgary Fire Birds
22. Honolulu Shimakaze
23. Tacoma Storm
24. San Diego Giants
25. Houston Astronauts
26. Milwaukee Lightning Badger
27. Toledo Mudhens
28. Oakland ObZen
29. Hartford HTFD_YANKEES
30. Pittsburgh Teddy Bearz

Player Power Rankings

Batting (top 5)
1. Giovanni Coyle (Reds)
2. Alden Cameron (FISH TOWN)
3. Florinio Cabrera (Horned Frogs)
4. Jamal Nagel (Bombers)
5. Gregory Narvaez (Mets)

Pitching (top 5)
1. Alvaro Corey (Los Angeles Raiders)
2. Luis Quezada (Boxers)
3. Elija Orta (RuslanGow) - I am super shocked. 6-0 with a sub 1 WHIP and 1.5 ERA
4. Austen Silvia (Kantai)
5. Addison Pagan (tiger of muscle shoals)

All rankings are courtesy of FB. If you don't like it, then take it out on Josh (please don't)

Storm :)

News Conversation
Well, the #3 team has been knocked down, by yours truly!
11 months ago
Cobras : 
ofc coyle gets good numbers with the reds
11 months ago
Just glad to see my Ocean Star guys getting proper respect, we've got 6 of the top 26 spots, not bad!
11 months ago
Nukes : 
WELL. At least give him a chance. At least he didn't rank himself 1st?
11 months ago
Nukes : 
11 months ago
Giants : 
I just realized that Storm ranked himself ahead of me
11 months ago
Giants : 
Rhody Tests you haven't even been around for the full season and you are ranked 43rd. Of course you aren't going to make the power rankings when there are only 30 spots
11 months ago
Nukes : 
I'm 5-1 and I have a better winning percentage than you and I'm not on the rankings. (loool)
11 months ago
Nukes : 
Just because you have a good record doesn't mean you will be on powerrankings
11 months ago
Where are the Providence Rhody Tests? I'm, like, 16-5 or something
11 months ago
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