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Feb 5th 2021 By Tacoma Storm

More info about the news articles!

I am willing to post them, but I will not be working on them a lot anymore. However, here are ideas.

We are bringing back -

Weekly Recaps (highlights, trades, FA signings, and more!)
Power Rankings - every 30 games (teams and players (batters and pitchers)
URGENT ARTICLES ARE BACK! - Urgent news about trades, feats, and FA signings are on the way!
One opinion piece a week!
Predictions (me and Mets are doing this)
Rewind Articles!
and more! Apply for article ideas today!

We are hiring new article writers! Even if you are currently one, you still need to message me. If you are not an article writer and want to do an article, message me for permission.


News Conversation
Storm, dont solve a problem that dont need fixing
2 years ago
2 years ago
this is way to much. Power Rankings and weekly recap are fine, and predictions work, but the urgent articles just clog the archives
2 years ago
pretty fucking mad though. why change it? so one person thinks the system sucks. who cares?
2 years ago
Urgent articles arent needed if you really want to post something big you can put it in the weekly recap
2 years ago
Rewind Articles should only be one highly liked teams decide to leave like Blue Jays you can rewind there history in FB
2 years ago
Weekly Recaps and Power Rankings could combined you go through saying what happened around the league and then put what teams are the best doing it weekly it wont get old since your only adding one more time from the original
2 years ago
Predictions were good do those at the beginning of the season and recap on it at the end of the season
2 years ago
What is the point of this?
2 years ago
Lol thx.
2 years ago
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