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Feb 4th 2021 By Canberra Cranberries

Well, we only got 8 responses, DBucs went dead and the Joes resigned, not sure about what Shima did. Thus I am busy doing my independent hiring. Here are the results.

Samir Hawes MVP Award: Victoro Apocada, 87,5%
Juan Ison Award For Best Pitcher: Chaz Ellis, 50%
Luke Chacon Releiver of the Year: Fernando Brent, 87,5%
Alfredo Cardenas Award For Top Rookie: Victoro Apocada, De Facto For Winning MVP

That’s that! Cranberries out,

News Conversation
Best Middle Infield in the league award goes to: Winfield 'n' Avery
1 month ago
He would've been a runaway winner
1 month ago
Good question. I forgot to put him on there. Oops
1 month ago
Hm interesting lol, how come apodaca didn't win ROY too?
1 month ago
Hawks : 
34 yr old top rookie lol
1 month ago
Just from the Committee
1 month ago
Apodaca drove in 99 runs holy crap
1 month ago
Mets : 
when you say that the joes resigned does that mean form the whole game or just this?
1 month ago