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Biggest Upsets From Each League (OPENING DAY EDITION)
Feb 2nd 2021 By Atlanta Firebirds

Hello, fellow Franchise Ballers. Firebirds here to break down the upsets from each of the 8 leagues from yesterday.

DISCLAIMER: Don't go crying to the comments because you weren't featured.

ALPHA RUBY: Sumner Scapegoats 4-2 Fort Worth Horned Frogs

Fort Worth was coming off a season in which they won their league, and made the World Quarterfinals, falling to the eventual winner, the Stanford Demo Yankees. Meanwhile, Sumner had made the Wild Card, falling in the first round to the Atlanta THE DUKES.

It seems that fortunes were overturned in this game, as Sumner came back from a 2-1 deficit to win the game, led by back-to-back homers to put the game away.

Sumner sits at 4-0 and tied for 1st in their division with the Las Vegas Daddies. Fort Worth is 2-2 and in 2nd place.

ALTA CANYON: UNC Tar Heels 9-4 Erie Mud Lions

I am not going to lie. I considered Erie v. Seattle to be their upset of the day. However, this takes the cake. We all know the Mud Lions are the Suwon Chicken Peacock new team.... and the UNC Tar Heels are a botted team.

However, this doesn't take away from the fact that the then 2-0 Erie Mud Lions lost to a 0-2 bot team... and by a pretty large margin.

Erie is now 3-1 and tied for 1st place with the Portland Cobras and the also bot team Lansing Turtle Speedster in AC Southwest. UNC is 2-2 and tied for 2nd with the Portland Wierdos in AC South.

BETA COMPASS: Providence Bulldogs 6-5 St. Johns Raptors

If anyone told me that a start up team would have beaten the St. Johns Raptors, I would've laughed in your face and said, "Go to the looney bin."

Here we are. The previously 35-25 Raptors, which was in the hardest division in the game, had lost on a walk-off double to an upstart team named the Providence Bulldogs. Put respect on their name.

Providence is now #1 in BC East, while St. Johns is 1-3 and tied for last in AR East with dankmemes.

COPPER SPRING: What's an upset lol?

DELTA PREMIER: Pittsburgh Franchise1 4-3 Knoxville Smokies

Knoxville went 42-18... and finished second to the Hartford HTFD_Yankees. Pittsburgh wasn't even close to winning the division or... making the wild-card. Yet, this is 2021. Anything can happen.

That happened in the game described currently, where a guy with 54 (yes 54) contact hit a game winning homer. Pittsburgh's upset is damn near the best yesterday.

As fortunes swapped, Pittsburgh is now 4-0 and #1 in their division. Knoxville is 4th with a 2-2 record.

EPSILON PEAK: cat567 6-4 Seattle Marvols

Wasn't Seattle 44-16 last season?

Holy hell was this a year to forget so far for the Marvols. They lost in the quarterfinals to the eventual wild-card winner Tacoma Storm, and have been upset by a botted team when their 3-run 9th inning comeback fell short.

cat567 is 2-2 and tied for 1st place in EP Northwest with (ahem)... Alburquerque NM Taco Eaters, New Orleans Cajun Gamecocks, and Ontario Girl Power. The Marvols are 0-4 and last in EP Southeast.

OCEAN STAR: New York Mets99 16-3 Springfield Royals

Does it count as an upset if the better team gets buttfucked?

Apparently so. Springfield had looked like the team that went to the wildcard last year. Mets99 is a dead-ish team that didn't have the skill level to match up with them.

Or so we thought...

The game was over with that 6 run 5th inning, with the pitcher counting for 1/3 of those runs.

New York is 1-3 and tied for 2nd in OS Southwest with (oh boy.. not again)... San Jose Panthers, Buffalo Bisons, Yonkers x7voz and Konstantusjnd. Springfield is in 2nd, and tied with (AAAA)... Manchester Maniacs and Arlington JD Hodges.

THETA PREMIER: Fort Wayne Mad Antz 4-0 Base Ball

This is the biggest upset of the day, and don't prove me otherwise.

Fort Wayne cannot win. They are the worst team in league, and they're proud of that fact.

So, how'd they win? Blame their pitchers and hitters. That's why. They ought to be ashamed of themselves for winning a game. Timeout times for your GM.

Fort Wayne is 1-3 and in 4th place of TP Southwest, whereas the Base Ball are last (0-4).

Thanks for coming to my Ted talk.

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