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HOF Results Are In!
Jan 31st 2021 By Alexandria Awards Masters

Hello, HOF Results Are in! We only got 10 responses, but a big problem is that one of our voters, the Robins, logged out 3 weeks ago, which makes it hard for them to vote. So, without further ado, the results!

Hall of Famers!!!
Ramon Trujillo
Phillip Dew
Leonel Hopson
Noe Arriaga

On the ballot next year...
Kristofer O’Neill
Justyn Naquin
Destin Gallant

Disqualified From The Future Ballots And Will Be Entered Into The Hall of Good...
Braeden Trout
Davis Hiatt
Rhett Freedman
Aryan Ashton

FB Awards will come out ASAP!

If you find any Hall of Fame Candiates who retired before Season 92, let me know!

News Conversation
Yea, he was a rookie way back then
9 months ago
9 months ago
ObZen : 
In 6 seasons its gonna be Ramos and Ledesma up there
9 months ago
ObZen : 
Nice our rookie Hopson made it
9 months ago
Kites, the Awards History Doc should be on my Franchise Page.
9 months ago
Teddy Bearz, I cant vote on them :(
9 months ago
pls get my man kristopher oneil in, i wont be here for the next induction
9 months ago
Kites : 
Is there a specific page for the HOF?
9 months ago
I can replace Robins if he gets purged.
9 months ago