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All Stars!
Jan 27th 2021 By Alexandria Awards Masters

Catcher: Geoffery Browning, 21.7%
1st Baseman: Jasper Allard, 26.1%
2nd Baseman: Galtero Adorno, 34.8%
3rd Baseman: Chayo Toro, 45.5%
Shortstop: Kendrick Ahrens, 21.7%
Left Fielder: Kevin Roland, 26.1%
Center Fielder: Isiah Irizarry, 21.7%
Right Fielder: Victoro Apocada, 52.2%
Designated Hitter: Trevon Anthony, 21.7%
Bench: Jerry Doty, 21.7%
Bench: Xander Frederick, 21.7%
Bench: Jake Cooley, 17.4%
Bench: Mariano Lea, 17.4%
Bench: Marcos Anaya, 18.2%
Bench: Ignazio Torrez, 17.4%

Anthony tied with Irizarry on CF, so he got DH instead of Doty. Frederick was in a weak RF field (4 players), so his vote total was not as impressive as it seems.

Starting Pitcher #1: Chaz Ellis, 73.9%
Starting Pitcher #2: Ronaldo Peltier, 52.2%
Starting Pitcher #3: Jeremy Hoyle, 39.1%
Starting Pitcher #4: Chance Amador, 30.4%
Starting Pitcher #5: Nikhil Hatchett, 26.1%

Relief Pitcher #1: Luis Rojas, 91.3%
Relief Pitcher #2: Fernando Brent, 78.3%
Relief Pitcher #3: Marvin Tibbs, 78.3%
Relief Pitcher #4: Flavio Alvarez, 73.9%
Relief Pitcher #5: Ginessa Negron: 65.2%

Remember to submit potential HOFers!

Also, any rookies who made AS ballot automatically go in ROY ballot. Any appeals for excluded rookies must be made to me by noon tomorrow.

News Conversation
12 months ago
True, good point. My point is that there weren't any runaway favorites.
12 months ago
Longballs, there were 4 right fielders. Lol
12 months ago
Wow, only one hitter got over 50%!
12 months ago
12 months ago
12 months ago
Dont worry, I should not have got mixed up
12 months ago
Royals0 : 
Sorry about my outburst guys. I just got a little upset that Hatchett got robbed by someone a little less deserving, but then found out it was just mixed up.
12 months ago
Royals0 : 
For pitching for my team.
12 months ago
Royals0 : 
That was like 10 better pitching from one of my pitchers than any other in the history of me playing this game.
12 months ago
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