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Special Schedules #1 - Bandits Season 93 Run - by Bandits
Jan 22nd 2021 By Tacoma Storm

This is a new article series where we highlights special schedules from each season. Not the best ones - but special ones. Everything written from now is done by the Dallas Bandits.

Wow! I cannot believe this is my first article ever! In all seriousness, though, the reason why I am here is because...drumroll, please...I will be recapping my Season 93 schedule, the ups and downs, the miracles, the heartbreakers (make sure you keep a box of tissues at all times) and most importantly, my playoff success. Let’s start with the first game!
Old division rivalry ends with massacre- Yeah, you read that right. A long time ago, in Season 92, I was in the same division as Boston Red Sox 1. I broke his heart (sorry, bro, I hope you forgive me someday) in the Season 92 playoffs but that’s a very, very long story. Long story short, Red Sox fans were sent home with tears streaming down their rosy cheeks, my team (almost) won the wild card (long story), and that was what fueled our rivalry. Fast forwarding to Season 93, they completely demolished the Dallas Bandits (sort of) 4-0. My team kept searching for answers against their foe’s dominant pitching but ended up empty-handed. My pitching was...alright but don’t get me started on my offense. They were playing like puppies who ate too much food prior to a playdate. My overall record= 0-1.
Nonexistent team plays with heart- Where do I begin? From the first pitch to the last pitch of the game, Portland Pangolins (who were basically ghosts at this point) were sitting at the edge of their seat eating popcorn (ghost-corn?) against a hungry Bandits team. This game was exciting to the very last pitch. The Bandits did manage to squeak by the Pangolins 6-5, but barely. It wasn’t an impressive win but a win’s a win. My overall record= 1-1.
Battle of the titans- Everyone in Franchise Ball was looking forward to this titanic matchup between the St. Johns Raptors and the Dallas Bandits. This game did not disappoint (except for Bandits fans, of course). Ezra Houston led the way with 8 Ks against a stacked Raptors offense. It was a back and forth game before the Raptors slammed the door shut. The Raptors ended up pummeling the Bandits 4-3 in a tight, contested game. My overall record= 1-2.
Taco eating the Taco Eaters- The Dallas Bandits visited Albuquerque to take on the Taco Eaters. The Taco Eaters surprisingly kept it a close game but the biggest highlight was a 2 run moonshot to dead center by yours truly, Happy Gilmore (That isn’t his actual name but I like nicknames)! The Bandits wound up winning 2-1. At least they enjoyed eating tacos while at it! My overall record= 2-2.
Gone surfing- Surf City definitely went surfing against the Dallas Bandits, piling up 5 runs against a stagnant defense. However, the Bandits did make a late game rally within one point of their opponent but eventually fell 5-4. My overall record= 2-3.
Wrangling the WRANGLERS- The Dallas Bandits were out for blood against the Anaheim WRANGLERS, completely shutting down their offense. Giancarlo Roberge was the MVP of the game, hurling 8 Ks against a helpless offense. The Bandits won 2-0. My overall record= 3-3.
Feeling too Average- The Columbus Average Joes visited the Dallas Bandits and exited with bloodied corpses scattered across the ballpark. The Average Joes finished off a slugfest with an 8-6 victory. Seamus Popp was easily the player of the game with 12 Ks. My overall record= 3-4.
Ruling the Angle- The Dallas Bandits visited the Saskatoon Angles and won in impressive fashion, 6-4. Ezra Houston had another impressive outing with 10 Ks. My overall record= 4-4.
Girls rule, boys drool?- The Dallas Bandits traveled to Ontario to take on the Girl Power in an attempt to grab a winning record for the first time that season. It did not go well. The Girl Power were up 5-1 by the time the 5th inning rolled around. It looked like all hope was lost. Then, a 3 run inning sparked the remaining hope and Bandits Nation was going wild. Just like that, the excitement came to an abrupt halt. Girl Power shocked the Bandits 5-4. My overall record= 4-5.
We are very Confused- The Dallas Bandits traveled to the Windy City to take on the Chicago Confused. It did not go well. By the time the smoke cleared, the Confused were walking away with a 5-4 victory. My overall record= 4-6.
The start of something special- The Dallas Bandits traveled to Columbus and walloped the Buckeyes 7-2. My overall record= 5-6.
Exposing the Expos- The Baton Rouge Expos came to town hoping to slow down the red-hot Bandits. It did not quite go as planned. All was looking well for the Expos. They were up 7-1 with no chance of a comeback, right? WRONG! The Bandits bats awakened at perfect timing and EXPLODED for 9 runs in the bottom of the 7th. In the blink of an eye, a 7-1 deficit transformed into a stunning 10-7 come-from-behind victory. The fans got so loud, you could barely hear the bats cracking at the baseballs. It was truly a bizarre game. My overall record= 6-6.
I finished the season with a respectable 32-28 record with high hopes entering the playoffs. I started off the playoffs with an impressive 6-3 comeback win vs the Long Beach Regulators. The Regulators were up 3-2 entering the 9th inning but the Bandits offense refused to lose. The power was unleashed on the Regulators, spoiling the Regulators home playoff game debut. Then *sniff* the heartbreak happened. The Bandits traveled to Buffalo to take on a hungry Bisons team. Either the weather was too cold or the Bisons were too powerful, the Dallas Bandits fell *sniff* 5-2 against the Buffalo Bisons. Every single Bandits fan was sent home crying to their mommies and their daddies (or their dogs). It was truly a remarkable season for the Bandits.
What went wrong during the season? What I feel like went wrong during the season was the pitching. They were giving up far too many runs and that cost us big games. My goal this offseason is to get better pitching. The stronger your rotation, the better the chances to make the playoffs.
What went right during the season? Easy. The hitting was phenomenal this season. Platon Carrillo and Ulises Winston both had 10 homers, Deshaun Toth and Alvar Collado both had 11 homers, and Nathanael Milam and Gerardo Brown both had 12 homers. To me, that is impressive.
I hope you all enjoyed my first ever article! If you have any thoughts or suggestions, please leave them in the comment section or private message me! Have a great day, everybody!

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Storm : 
but... nothing ever came
3 months ago
don't get mad at him for doing his own team, this was an example of whats to come
12 months ago
i faced my own team
12 months ago
also bisons supernovas and green bay brewers
12 months ago
12 months ago
i had a insane schedule facing the panthers obzen hugo eagles and cyclones
12 months ago
"Girls Rule, Boys Drool" lmfao!! Great article Bandits hope you do more of this...I would do teams that surprised for next season and beyond. I know this was an example, so don't get mad at him for doing his own team :)
12 months ago
Lmao. Its an Italian restraint, called Lawlers Linguine
12 months ago
Yeah he's got a huge diner chain all over Massachusetts
12 months ago
You had solid pitching but still need to upgrade, but your itting needs some upgrades too ngl
12 months ago
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