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The 3rd All Star Ballot Is Here!!!
Jan 21st 2021 By Canberra Cranberries

So, some changes. Team names have not been included because

A. I was feeling lazy.
B. We really don’t need them.

Also, in order to qualify for the ballot, hitters need to have met 2 of these 4 benchmarks.

.340+ AVG
25+ HR
55+ RBI
25+ SB

Notably absent is the 150-AB limit, if you are good enough to meet the qualifications in less than 150 ABs, you probably had a really good season.

For pitchers, you must meet ALL of the requirements.

60+ IP
Sub-2.50 ERA
Sub-0.900 WHIP

25+ IP
Sub-2.50 ERA
Sub-0.900 WHIP
1 SV or more (most have about 8-10 saves)

I checked 3 times, so if I somehow missed someone, sincerest apologies.

Offer constructive criticism but not I constructive criticism. I’m doing this for free. If I was paid, I’d understand more why you were angry.

Have a fun time taking the ballot!


News Conversation
He's not on the ballot because he only met 1 (stolen bases) but still put together a frankly remarkable season. Hope he is at least in the crowd for rookie of the year
8 months ago
I appreciate the requisites as a way to keep the field elite, but I would offer my CF Hidalgo Rivera as an exception that proves the rule. At the age of 22 (rookie) he hit .296 with 22 homers, 51 RBI and 45 SB. He very nearly checks three of the four
8 months ago
8 months ago
Thanks Country Yankees appreciate your hard work :)
8 months ago
I have an idea: Lets vote on it!
8 months ago
What if the top seed doesnt want to host?
8 months ago
We gotta figure out who the teams are tho. Should it be East-West, North-South???
8 months ago
here's an idea. the top seed in the whole world hosts the game(s).
8 months ago
i can make logos for the all-star teams
8 months ago
That would be simpler, idk tbh, but I have sent a message to Josh, lets hope he reads it
8 months ago
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