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What If Players Could Switch Positions In FB?

Jan 13th 2021 By Alexandria Country Yankees

Babe Ruth started as a pitcher. When Cy Young was a semipro player, he played 2nd and 1st base. Lou Gehrig once struck out 17 pitching for Columbia University. All these players switched positions and became Hall of Famers. So why can’t we have our faithful FB players switch positions?

Before we go further, players can only switch positions if another player is traded and there are no available players at that position. For example, after 1B Ray Burley retired. The game made Charlie Harris, a career SS, switch to first baseman. Harris probably would’ve been the starting SS for the rest of his career. However, some FA acquisitions left Harris on the losing end of the bargain, and he retired at age 41. I have also noticed disproportionate numbers of players who are good stacked in one position but not the other. For example, here are the numbers of position players on my team based off of position.

1B: 1
2B: 2
3B: 3
C: 3
LF: 3
CF: 5
RF: 1
SS: 6

Now, those 5 SS or 4 CF that aren’t starting could really benefit from being 2nd or 3rd stringers of even starters for the 1B or RF. But the thing is that no, you can’t switch them. Also, utility players, in my opinion, would be a welcome addition. My suggestion is for there to be certain types of utility players.

UT- Can play any position.
IF- Can play 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, and C
OF- Can play RF, CF, and LF
CI- Corner infielder. Can play 3B or 1B.
MI- Middle Infielder, can play 2B and SS
Corner Utility- Can play any position on the corners of the field (1B, 3B, RF. LF)
Middle Utility- Can play any position in the middle of the field (C, 2B, SS, CF)

Or, another option would be for their to be a sort of position training where you could, for example, have a player train and master one position a year.

Maybe this would all be a subscriber-only feature. Maybe if you switched positions, it would be like contract grants, 2 a year for non-subscribers, 5 a year for Regular Subscribers, and an unlimited number for Premium dudes, but you can only switch/add a position once or twice a career. Damn, I don’t know. This is why we discuss things.

Lmk what u think.


News Conversation
Great Idea!
1 year ago
Storm : 
the position glitch saved my team
1 year ago
Kites : 
Please make this happen. I could really use it.
2 years ago
Storm : 
2 years ago
The San Antonio MYSLAW were 32-28
2 years ago
Storm : 
And Teddy Bearz, I think someone went 32-28 and won (in like first 10 seasons lol)
2 years ago
Storm : 
Such a shortage on 1B and RF in this game lol
2 years ago
contract protection for Regular Subscribers ( 12 players )
2 years ago
I'll vote for the option of position training where you could, for example, have a player train and master one position a year and .
2 years ago
Thx both of yall
2 years ago
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