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Season 93 Power Rankings - by Hugo Eagles

Jan 11th 2021 By Tacoma Storm

TEAM POWER RANKINGS 1 Cincinnati Reds (27-3)  The Reds just are not being stopped. They have a +154 run differential and are 5 games up on the Bombers.
2 St. John’s Peace Sharks (25-5)  The Sharks are hitting .381, and they have an ERA of 3.92. Their run differential is large, and it really stands out that they should dominate the field in Alta.
3 Columbus Average Joes (27-3)  Columbus carried their playoff momentum into the new year, winning 17 games in a row before being defeated.
4 St. John’s Deadly Sins (25-5)  St. John’s is the best city in FB this year, and the Sins are one of the best batting teams in the land.
5 Eugene Spitters (25-5)  The reigning champion still has their meh pitching, but that doesn’t matter right now because they are hitting great.
6 Fort Worth Horned Frogs (23-7)  See their first round playoff win last year. They have a good team, and probably deserve more than 23 wins.
7 St. John’s Codfish (23-7)  Them and the HTFD_YANKEES are the two teams that are the most fun to watch, with a .383 BA and a 4.59 ERA.
8 Ontario Lightning (23-7)  They have an excellent lineup, but the reason they are 23-7 is because of an ok 4.40 ERA. If the pitching improves, they could win the whole enchilada.
9 Hartford HTFD_YANKEES (23-7)  They have returned to their 10 RPG form, hitting .381. However, a 5.96 ERA isn’t going to win you any low-scoring games.
10 Honolulu Shimakaze (25-5)  They are not exactly dominant, with a +97 run differential, but they should be favored to win Ocean Star, or at least get close.
11 Philadelphia Woodpeckers (24-6)
12 Atlanta Caneros (24-6)
13 San Diego Bombers (23-7)
14 Mount Vernon Boxers (23-7)
15 Baltimore Orioles (24-6)
16 Virginia Beach jimmies (23-7)
17 St. John’s Raptors (21-9)
18 Colorado Springs Tacoma Time Warp (23-7)
19 Oakland ObZen (22-8)
20 Erie Spartans (23-7)
21 Stamford Demo Yankees (23-7)
22 Toronto Blue Jays (22-8)
23 Knoxville Smokies (23-7)
24 Spokane Warriors (23-7)
25 Kansas City Royals0 (23-7)
Honorable Mention: San Jose Panthers (22-8), New York Mets (22-8), Suwon Hugo Eagles (22-8), Shreveport Captains (22-8)

News Conversation
Run differential for me is always going to look bad because I always go pitching heavy
2 years ago
Royals0 : 
yeah well, without the terrible start we had, my run differential would be close to +90
2 years ago
It was either me, 22-8, +88, or you, 23-7, +62, and I chose record for that one
2 years ago
Royals0 : 
my run differential is low because of the bad start i had to the season. I was 8-6 with a run diff. of like -19
2 years ago
I did them for midway point (30 gms)
2 years ago
yea and iim 22-9 now
2 years ago
I'm +98, but I left myself out for a reason that even IDK for
2 years ago
Mets : 
well, now we are +76
2 years ago
Teddy bearz run differential is like +70 or something, so a 22-8 with +66 (Mets), would make it on before them
2 years ago
Run differential played a role in making these, the reason the Raptors are on with a 21-9 record is because their run diff is +108
2 years ago
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