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Best Divisions In FB (by league) - by Busan Hugo Eagles

Jan 5th 2021 By Tacoma Storm

Best divisions in FB (by league) - Note: All stats and record as of 7 PM on Dec. 4th

The AL East is a division where all of the teams are former division champions, with a former world champion. The San Diego Giants have two rings, while the St. John’s Raptors, Boston Red Sox 1, and Alexandria Country Yankees all won 43 or more games in Season 92. The Tacoma Storm won 45 games in Season 91 and will look for a bounce-back season.
BEST PLAYER: Arnoldo Almanza, LF, Storm (.404, 8 HR, 15 RBI)

The Northeast is the strongest division with two good teams that are active (Mudhens, Peace Sharks). The Peace Sharks, record-wise, are one of the best teams in FB, and the Mudhens won over 40 games last season.
BEST PLAYER: Wilson Jeter, LF, Mudhens (.383, 6 HR, 14 RBI)

The Beta Southeast contains the Demo Yankees and Erie Spartans, both with 10 wins, along with active teams the 8-4 Sumner Slo Pitch and the 5-7 Roanoke Colonists are both active teams. The second best division in this league contains the Spokane Warriors, Washington Black Knights, and Calgary denver dingers, but the Southeast is deeper.
BEST PLAYER: Reagan Epps, CF, Spartans (.400, 5 HR, 11 RBI)

This league has two good divisions in the South and West, but the South is slightly deeper, especially if the Las Vegas Raiders (6-6) can continue playing better. The 10-2 Seattle Cyclones, 9-3 Santa Clarita Currents, and the 9-3 Washington Nationals are all playoff-caliber teams. The west contains the Las Vegas Supernovas, San Jose Panthers, and Buffalo Bisons, but right now the South is deeper.
BEST PLAYER: Mariano Lea, 2B, Cyclones (.378, 6 HR, 17 RBI)

The Northeast, North, East, and Southeast all have two good teams, but the Northeast and Southeast each have three. I am barely picking the Southeast because their fourth-place team, Tacoma Time Warp, is 8-4. The Buffalo Sabres are also 8-4, while the Kaukauna Foxes and Ontario Lightning are 9-3.
BEST PLAYER: Ramone Casas, 1B, Time Warp (.490, 5 HR, 21 RBI)

The Epsilon Southeast is an easy pick. It may be the second to third best division in FB, with the Seattle Marvols, Atlanta Blacksox, and Philadelphia Woodpeckers all with 9 or more wins. Also, the Mount Vernon Boxers, Portland Grizzlies, and Atlanta THE DUKES all reside here. Underrated no more. This division is good.
BEST PLAYER: Bernardo Luciano, C, Marvols (.426, 6 HR, 12 RBI, 8 SB)

The Southwest looks like the best division on paper. The Providence Franzes are having a breakout season, and the Yonkers Renegades are continuing their recent run of success. The Anchorage polarbears once again have a good team, while the Royals0 are 8-4, but strangely have a -13 run differential. The San Diego Rockies have a 7-5 mark in fifth place. The second-best division in OS is the Northwest, which doesn’t have any household names (besides Liberty Mutual), but Mutual, Long Beach Regulators, Calgary Fire Birds, and Mayaguez Criollos are all .500 or above. It should be a good race there.
BEST PLAYER: Heriberto Dorman, 3B, Renegades (.442, 5 HR, 11 RBI)

The Northwest has three solid teams in front. The jimmies have 10 wins, Caguas Newnacionals are 8-4, and the Shreveport Captains won this league last year. This division is very top-heavy, but my prediction is that two of these teams will finish with at least 40 wins.
BEST PLAYER: Faro Menendez, SS, jimmies (.481, 7 HR, 20 RBI)

All of the best players are from the best divisions only. That would be why Chayo Toro isn’t on there. Thanks!

News Conversation
wow both of my teams have the hardest divisions in the league
2 years ago
Franzes : 
Nice article!
2 years ago
epsilon southeast is tough always has been. we used to be in another div. but they moved us but kept us all together. which is great everybody is active and that makes the game more fun i think.
2 years ago
Royals0 : 
The ratings for everybody on my KCKC team is nowhere near as talented as this team, and yet somehow they are doing better. Especially pitching. Look at KCKC's pitcher's ratings and you'll see what i mean.
2 years ago
Royals0 : 
IDK either
2 years ago
Storm : 
KCKC is better and idk how
2 years ago
im talking about my other team Royals0
2 years ago
Tell me about it. Its insane that i have an 8-4 record, but a -13 run differential
2 years ago
Yes, almanza is on fire
2 years ago
Storm : 
Almanza is up there! Ayyyyyy
2 years ago
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