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By Mets - My Beginning of Season Predictions- Season 93

Jan 3rd 2021 By Tacoma Storm

Reading time: ~3-5 minutes

Because it was holiday time I had no time to write a long article, so I tried my best. PLEASE DON’T BE TOXIC. Thanks- Mets

Question: Who will win it all:

A: Giants. Simple, their team is great I was very surprised that the Spitters won in the first place, no offense Spitters. The obZen, Reds, Bombers, and Shima along with other teams could put up a fight, but I think the Giants will come out on top.

Question: Who will be the worst team:

A: I think the Cotton Pickers will be the worst team again. I think they will be 4-56.

Question: Who will be a surprise team in the playoffs:

A: I think the Manatees after being a surprise in Season 92 will be a surprise again.

Question: Who will surprisingly miss the playoffs:

A: I think the Tacoma Storm will miss it. They are in a tough division and the wildcard is going to be tough with the games they will be playing.

Question: What do you think the most competitive division will be:

A: I think the Alpha Ruby East will be so competitive. Please look at it, it will be so exciting.

Question: What team do you think will have the best record, and what do you think the record will be:

A: I think the Shima will have the best record at 53-7. There are no teams that could challenge for the division after the Mets left it and they have always had good records, even if they do kinda bad in the postseason.

Question: Who will majorly fall off from last season:

A: I think the Bombers will surprisingly not win the division because the Reds will surprise. I think they will still do well, but not as well.

Question: Who will win the wildcard:

A: I think the Reds or Bombers will win. Whatever team comes in second in the division will win it because they are both great teams.

I hope you have enjoyed the article. If you have please comment below, or put suggestions of other predictions I can make for the next season’s articles.

News Conversation
25-35. Be optimistic.
2 years ago
Raiders : 
Im gonna end 10-50 and btw all Americans congrats on the gold medal game vs Canada wish Canada won but USA played better in the finals :((((((
2 years ago
Hawks : 
Shima wont have 53 wins if I have anything to say about it
2 years ago
Cobras : 
yea. if that division didnt have giants that underrated division in Epsilon would get it
2 years ago
Giants : 
lmao he said no bias intended then made a completely bias statement
2 years ago
Storm : 
Firebirds, your division is nothing compared to ours. I got the Giants, Raptors, Country Yankees, and Red Sox 1.
2 years ago
Giants : 
Lmao your division is definitely not the hardest firebirds
2 years ago
Unrelated but since people might see this, I'm in the market for a starting-quality RF under the age of 30. Will trade good pitching for him.
2 years ago
Raiders : 
im calling it im going 10-50 WOO
2 years ago
tbh, no bias intended, my division is the hardest. we are all within 2 or less games of each other.
2 years ago
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