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The Franchise Ball No-Hitter Database
Jan 1st 2021 By Atlanta Firebirds

I am writing this news story in hope of people helping by doing contributions with this project. This is a database used for FB no-hitters from all-time. I don't care if it was exhibition or playoff. 0-60 team or 60-0. The goal is to track and record all no-hitters from FB history. It's fairly simple to be involved.

1. Add the page including the season it's in.
2. Use inspect element and right click on the area of code that highlights the no-hitter box score.
3. Click "Edit as HTML".
4. Copy that and head to the site.
5. Click embed and put it in the area with the code.
6. You're done. Ta-da.

I would appreciate as much help as I can get.