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Holiday Special Article - Should the World Series be played on Christmas?
Dec 21st 2020 By Tacoma Storm

In this holiday special, we will be talking about how Christmas could affect the WS. Because after all, most people will be celebrating with their families. Not me, I am Jewish and Hindu, but that is not the point. To start, I would like to wish everyone the best during the holiday season. Secondly, we should all be happy that the worst year in history is coming to an end, and that we should all look forward to 2021.

Before we get into what other people think, let us just get into what I think. No games have ever been played on Christmas, as the previous ones finished up on New Years Eve. However, with the new playoff format, Christmas day is now a time for FB! Other sports have opened up to the 25th, like the NFL, with the Saints and Vikings game being played at 4:30 that day. My suggestion is that the first game shall be postponed till 2 PM because everyone will be celebrating with their families in the morning. This way, team attendance will still be high, but nobody has to sacrifice their celebrations to watch Game 1.

Here is what other teams say:

Country Yankees - The World Series on Christmas Day seems like a real treat to me, especially if you won the title on Christmas Day. What a present that would be. Also, for the teams that need a break, what a great way to take a break with an excuse.

Mets - I think it's pretty cool. I don't celebrate Christmas, but I'm sure it will bring an extra special feeling that it's on Christmas.

Blue Jays - It has always been on Christmas Day, I do not feel the need to change it especially it being 2 days long. Put your effort into the other day. Also, not everyone celebrates Christmas. It is in the code and I do not see any reason to change that especially when other religions do not even get off for work that day. I would say suck it up and deal with it. (It has never been on Christmas Day, but a good reason otherwise).

Bombers - I will be glad to play on Christmas.   Winning a third World Series in a row will be a great Christmas present.

Thanks for the responses guys! The Bombers are being a little cocky and are basically saying they are making the world series. Just something to think about. Anyway, I am going to now list who I think is going to win the world series and why.

My world series winner is…the Busan Hugo Eagles! Yes, you might be shocked. You might think, “Why them?” But to be honest, I got evidence to support my answer. They are 4th in the world and are top 10 in every statistical category in his league. But their road here was crazy. As a sub .500 team with a team BA under .300 and an ERA over 5, the city of Busan thought this team would never be good. But some smart offseason acquisitions and an incredible offense put them 1 game shy of 50 wins. Their team is all-around good, and if they can keep this success in the playoffs, then they can become one of the next FB greats.

For Christmas, I want a fair all-star vote. That is why you should cast your ballot and vote for the FB all-stars. I wish everyone a happy holiday season and a happy postseason!