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Reacting to My Beginning of Season Predictions (by Mets)- Season 92 Part 2

Dec 21st 2020 By Tacoma Storm

Reading time: ~5-7 minutes

I wanted to put my half-season updated predictions here also, but it would be too long. To see my half-season updated predictions, go to the article that came out on the 12th called Reacting To My Beginning of Season Predictions.

Original Question: Who will win it all:

A: I see the Shimakaze winning. Every season they get stronger and their pitching is world-class

Reaction: After starting pretty badly (for Shimakaze standards) they went on a few streaks and ended with a 48-12 record, enough for 5th in the world. I understand they could win the ring, but with the obZen in their way and the bombers, giants, and river rats ahead I don’t think there is a way for them to do it without many amazing performances.

Updated Prediction: I think the obZen will win it over the bombers in 4 games. The obZen have been very good their last few seasons, but this season they were 2nd in the world and took home the Alta Canyon 1st seed over some very good teams. I can see the Bombers also doing it, as they are the favorite to win their 3rd straight, but I think the obZen could pull an upset. I also think the Giants could be in it, but they will also lose I think if they make the final.

Original Question: Who will be the worst team:

A: I think the Columbus Cannons will be the worst team because of two reasons. The first is that they are offline and the second is that they don’t have a single good player on their team. Some bad teams have good players, but they don’t have anyone to step up for them and deliver when needed.

Reaction: I am wrong they were 16-44, which I know is bad, but not the worst team. The worst team were the partly active Cotton Pickers at 3-57.

Original Question: Who will be a surprise team in the playoffs:

A: I think the Storm will go farther than expected. This would only be their 3rd full season and after picking up a lot of free agents, they seem to be better.

Reaction: I don’t think they will go very far, but I think they will get 2-3 rounds into the wildcard.

Updates Prediction: I think the Hugo Eagles will do better than expected. I know they were very good during the regular system, but I am expecting them to win Copper spring, which I think very few expected at the beginning of the season.

Original Question: Who will surprisingly miss the playoffs:

A: I think that the Toledo Mudhens will just miss out.

Reaction: I am wrong they came second in the division and they were 46-14. They would have won it, but some late losses and the Peace Sharks won it. I think they will definitely get far in the wildcard.

Original Question: What do you think the most competitive division will be:

A: I think Alta Canyon South or the Delta Premier East will be the most competitive.

Reaction: The Alta Canyon south was exciting at the beginning, but the Shima ended up running away with it. The Delta Premier East was not competitive either. As I said halfway through the season the Epsilon Peak Southeast was the best. I don’t think it was the mostar competitive because the  teams ended up being very spread out, but all of the teams had at least 33 wins. The Epsilon Peak Northeast was very competitive as the top four teams were all within 4 games of each other.

Original Question: What team do you think will have the best record, and what do you think the record will be:

A: I think the Bombers with a 54-6 season and the Shimakaze coming just short with 50-10.

Reaction: This season was not the best of seasons for anyone. The best team was the San Diego Giants a 51-9.

Original Question: Who will majorly fall off from last season:

A: I think the Monarchs will make a big jump down. I know I said they would make it far, but I meant that they will make the wildcard and then win it or get pretty far into it.

Reaction: I was right, they were 22-28 which was 12 wins less than last season.

Original Question: Who will in the wildcard:

A: Like I just said I think the Storm will win it. If not them I say the Nationals or the Reds.

Reaction: I think that will happen. Also maybe the Red Sox 1 will come close.

I hope you have enjoyed the article. If you have please comment below, or put suggestions of other predictions I can make for the next season’s articles.

News Conversation
And his copper spring prediction might be wrong too. I lost game 1
2 years ago
Storm : 
Your WC predictions are wrong. Me and the Red Sox 1 both lost in round 1
2 years ago
Bombers : 
Good article
2 years ago
Storm : 
Nice article!
2 years ago
Well, my team ended up beating the Red Sox in the WC
2 years ago
same Mavericks...I acquired 2 triple 80s, single 90s pitchers and am riding a 5 game winning streak into the WC
2 years ago
put some respect on my teams name we are on the rise, best season yet and we got all our players on locks
2 years ago
Hugo Eagles for Copper Spring
2 years ago
Cyclones for the WC win!!!!
2 years ago