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Looking Back On My Predictions, By Mets

Dec 12th 2020 By Alexandria Country Yankees

Reading time: ~5-7 minutes
I will be doing this again at the end of the month
This was made after the 2:00 game on the 10th

Original Question: Who will win it all:

A: I see the Shimakaze winning. Every season they get stronger and their pitching is world-class.

Reaction: I’m pretty wrong. Don’t get me wrong, the Shimakaze are still good, but they got rid of the super-rotation they had and I think that was a big mistake. They are ahead of the Mets, (ME) in the division by three games and at this point, it looks like they are going to make the playoffs by winning the division or by topping the wildcard. Even if they do make it far into the playoffs, I think they would still have to beat some big underperforming powerhouses like the obZen, Mavericks (formally known as the Panthers), Birds on a Bat, Cyclones, Blue Jays, Peace Sharks, Dragon Shrimp, Hollies, Mudhens, and Venom.

Updated prediction: I think a better prediction would be the Bombers. I just don’t see anyone stopping them. In one game, maybe, but over a series, I don’t think anyone will. They will win a 4th ring and 3rd in a row.

Original Question: Who will be the worst team:

A: I think the Columbus Cannons will be the worst team because of two reasons. The first is that their offline and the second is that they don’t have a single good player on their team. Some bad teams have good players, but they don’t have anyone to step up for them and deliver when needed.

Reaction: I am not wrong, but I’m not right. After their 0-9 start, I wondered if this will be the first team to not win a game all season after the orange juice almost did when they went 2-58. At this point, they are 9-20 and they look to be out of any contention for a wildcard spot.

Updated prediction: The worst team has been the New Orleans Cotton Pickers at 2-27. I am not really surprised by this, but it’s never an easy thing to predict.

Original Question: Who will be a surprise team in the playoffs:

A: I think the Storm will go farther than expected. This would only be their 3rd full season and after picking up a lot of free agents, they seem to be better.

Reaction: It’s too early to tell if I’m wrong or right. They are 19-10 and 3 games behind in their division. They have a pretty good team, but their pitching has not been as good as the owner would have liked.

Updated prediction: I think a surprise team will be the WORD. They are a new team and you would have most likely heard of them by now. They might not have the best record, but against good teams, they tend to shine. They also are leading the Storm and Codfish in their division by  3+ games. I see them making it 2-3 rounds into the wildcard as a first-year team and that’s good. I could also see the Mets making it farther than expected. I know I’m biased, but my team has been decent and could win the division. I’m not saying I’m amazing, but there could definitely be a division winner upset brewing.

Original Question: Who will surprisingly miss the playoffs:

A: I think that the Toledo Mudhens will just miss out.

Reaction: I am so wrong. They started at 10-0 and now they are 24-5. They are ties for 1st in their division and will be definitely making the wildcard if they don’t win their division. I don’t know why I made this prediction in the first place, but I hope they are not mad I said they would do bad.

Updated prediction: I think the Virginia Beach Monarchs might surprisingly miss out. After going 34-26 in their first full season they now have a 36,000,000 dollar value in their third season. They are in a tough division so I could understand why they would miss out, but they are 11-18, 3 games behind in the wildcard, and 11 games behind in the division. They are a subscriber and they are 1.5 games behind in that wildcard. They better use some of that money next season, because the Monarchs could shock everyone in a few seasons if they use their money wisely.

Original Question: What do you think the most competitive division will be:

A: I think Alta Canyon South or the Delta Premier East will be the most competitive.

Reaction: It’s no denying that the Alta Canyon South race could definitely come down to the final game between the Shimakaze and the Mets, but

Updated prediction:  The most competitive division has been by far the Epsilon Peak Southeast  Division. All of the teams are over .500 and they are all within 4 games of each other. The leaders are the Mount Vernon Boxers, but the Marvols, Blacksox, and the Woodpeckers are both within 3 games of the lead.

Original Question: What team do you think will have the best record, and what do you think the record will be:

A: I think the Bombers with a 54-6 season and the Shimakaze coming just short with 50-10.

Reaction: After seeing the Shima already lose 6 games I don’t think they will go 50-10, but the Bombers I still think will go at least 50 games. Honestly, I think they could definitely go 54-6, so this is the first prediction I think I have pretty correct.

Updated prediction: As I said above I think the Bombers will have another 55+ win season, but I think the Milwaukee Lightning Badger will have the best record this season. They have a 27-2 record and they could be setting a new record by beating the Madison Anunnaki Reds 56-4 record from season 50. The River Rats also have a 27-2 record, but I think they will drop off a little.

Original Question: Who will majorly fall off from last season:

A: I think the Monarchs will make a big jump down. I know I said they would make it far, but I meant that they will make the wildcard and then win it or get pretty far into it.

Reaction: I was right. I don’t have to say anything else. I was fully right. No need for an updated prediction. I do have to add though, that the Mavericks, (formally known as the Panthers) have made a big jump as they are 17-12 and 7 games behind in their division.

Original Question: Who will in the wildcard:

A: Like I just said I think the Storm will win it. If not them I say the Nationals or the Reds.

Reaction: I think I could be right. The wildcard is always to predict. First off, the Nationals are 11 games behind in their division so I don’t think they will win it, but they could definitely get to the wildcard where they could win it. Last season they got to the final and lost to the Batman, and if they want to win a WS they have to do it this year because their line-up’s average age is over 35. They are usually inactive for most of the season, so imagine if they were active, they could do so well and maybe win the Alta Canyon league. Their line-up has a lot of potentials, but it cannot be used if they are inactive. Next, the Storm. They are in 3rd place in their division and 3 games behind the leaders Word. They will most likely make the wildcard if they don’t win the close division, and they have a line-up that could definitely win the wildcard final. Finally, we have the Reds. I feel really bad for the Reds owner because they are in the same division as the Bombers and I don’t see them ever winning as long as those two teams are together. I am not doing an updated reaction because I don’t see any other teams that are better than those that won’t win the division. Maybe the Shima or the Mets, (whatever team doesn’t win) could be in contention too.

I hope you have enjoyed the article. If you have please comment below, or put suggestions of other predictions I can make for the remainder of the season.

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thanks for mentioning mr in the articel
2 years ago
change for the better.
2 years ago
Trading rotation was a good decision. Pitching is so inconsistent and it is just another burden. I had top class pitching prob top 5-10 in world but now it is playing trash. Him not having that rotation anymore is a huge burden lifted and it would
2 years ago
Marvols : 
Another good article! There have been some good reads lately. Thank you!!
2 years ago
Dodgers : 
that would be interesting
2 years ago
Inb4 I win league without a super rotation
2 years ago
Bombers : 
Players over 35 can still be good but trade for backups so you are prepared when they retire
2 years ago
of course i dont need a young guy bc I have Fernando Myaorga and he is raking (.403-18-44)
2 years ago
i suppose if i get younger players? maybe?
2 years ago
Bombers : 
Don't worry about that Eagles. I won my first WS as a free team.
2 years ago
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