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2nd Annual Franchise Ball All Stars

Dec 10th 2020 By Alexandria Country Yankees

Hello, this is the Alexandria Country Yankees, and it’s the 10th. You know what time it is: All Star and ROY submission time! Now, please remember that position players have to meet 2 of 4 requirements, and also need at least 150 at-bats.

.340+ AVG
25+ HR
55+ RBI
25+ SB

While pitchers need a sub-3.00 ERA AND a sub-1.000 WHIP. Starters need 70 innings while Relievers need 25.  

For Rookie of the Year, NOT ALL STAR (Rookies still need the All Star requirements for all stars), the hitters still need 150 at bats but the requirements are slightly lower. Remember, 2 of 4.

.330+ AVG
20+ HR
50+ RBI
20+ SB

The pitchers, meanwhile, need a sub-3.10 ERA and 1.100 WHIP.

Also, Perviously Retired Hall of Famers are due on the 15th!

Yankees :)

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I think you posted it twice on accident Yankees
2 years ago
How do I submit and when is the deadline?
2 years ago