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Best Young Teams In FB (By Busan Hugo Eagles)

Dec 8th 2020 By Alexandria Country Yankees

Plenty of teams have succeeded as a first year team or a second year team. There are still a few teams recently established that are not exactly well known around the general FB community.

Los Angeles Mandalorians
The Mandalorians were established in the offseason of Season 90 and went 39-21 in their rookie season. They are currently 11-7 and have a solid lineup and rotation. None of their team´s stats are really great, but they are consistent, with rankings of 12th in batting average, 11th in runs, 11th in ERA, and 16th in WHIP. Left fielder Bobby Handley has 11 home runs in 19 games, while Sebastian Barringer is 4-0 with a sterling 2.61 ERA.

Eugene Spitters
Though the Spitters are not new (they were established in Season 28), they were dead for a long time before reviving their team in the offseason of 90. Eugene went 41-19 in 91, and though they are in the Copper Spring league, a 15-4 record is very good. Their pitching is abysmal (ERA over 6), but they are batting over .350 this season. Left fielder Ryley Villegas is batting an insane .500 with 23 RBI, and they are counting on free agent pitcher Mauricio Begley to help stabilize their rotation.

Busan Hugo Eagles
Though Busan went 26-33 as a rookie, they are off to a 15-4 start with a batting average around .320 and an ERA just north of 4.10. The team has had some wins over quality teams (Spitters, Volcano Tsunamis) and has acquired some good pitchers. (This is the author of the article). Center fielder Justin Grigsby and third baseman Fernando Mayorga have combined for 20 home runs and Ariel Duffy is 3-0 with a 3.00 ERA.

I am only half-joking. While it may be a fluke, Word has put up an impressive 10-4 record and has defeated the St. John´s Codfish and come within a run of the Columbus Storm. While they are not great in any statistical categories yet, they have a few good hitters and some solid players, both hitters and pitchers. Or as Word would say, ¨Word word word word. Word word word word words! WWWOOOOOORRRRRRRRDDD!¨

Long Beach Regulators
The Regulators went 39-21 last season, and while they lacked a very good statistical category, they put up good numbers for a first-year team. Coming into the 2 PM game on December 7th, they ranked 6th in WHIP and in the top 21 for every other category. They are currently riding a four-game winning streak. Their lineup is led by left fielder Evan Carroll with seven home runs, and so far Natanael Casillas is off to a great start in the pitching rotation.

Boston Liberty Mutuals
Maybe not the best record, but still, you can not ignore the fact that Liberty Mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. Veteran pitcher Ernest Neville leads a solid group of pitchers, and 34 year old CF Dangelo Locke is the top hitter. Locke has a .315 average and 6 stolen bases, while left fielder (a recurring theme) Quinten Click has a .340 average and 4 HR in 50 AB. Hernan Badillo and Kelly Lira each have an ERA under 1.20 in the starting rotation. They logged off 3 days ago, so I hope they come back eventually.

Please know that this is Busans first article, so please don’t be too toxic (well, don’t do it anyways). The only way people get better is through CONSTRUCTIVE criticsm.

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