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Hall of Fame Results Are In, Again!
Dec 2nd 2020 By Alexandria Awards Masters

Hello, y’all, the wonderful Committee has voted and thus I am ready to announce our new Hall of Famers! Here are the results, with a key.

I = Inducted
E= Eliminated From Hall of Fame contention
(No letter)= Headed to 3rd year on ballot

Frederico Tamez= 9 (81.8%) I
Gonzalo Mintz= 1 (18.2%) E
Montrell Cardenas= 8 (72.7%) I
Alan Chambers= 2 (18.2%) E
Malaki Sheffield= 2 (18.2%) E
Anbessa Corales= 2 (18.2%) E
Tariq Provost= 9 (81.8%) I
James Holmes= 8 (72.7%) I
Larry Bethea= 6 (54.6%)
Grady Cameron= 9 (81.8%) I
Demarcus Crump= 6 (54.6%)
Toby Gass= 7 (63.6%)
Finn Cates= 0 (0.0%) E
Toro Olvera= 2 (18.2%) E
Nathen Picard= 2 (18.2%) E
Nikolas Beckett= 7 (63.6%)
Rodney Conner= 6 (54.6%)

Anyways, you can submit people who have previously retired until Dec. 15, and I have created an Awards History Doc

A Hall of Fame Watch List

Some Awards Rules

And a Hall of Fame on the Forum

These can all be found on “About Owner” on my franchise page. Thank you to all who voted!

News Conversation
Yeah lol
10 months ago
342 HR and 441 SB, just looking thru random archives and needed to mention him. .299 is close enough. Ray Schalk is in the National baseball HOF with a .253 average.
10 months ago
.299 hitter but well nominate him
10 months ago
Yeah! Congrats!
10 months ago
Just saw both my guys Cardenas and Tamez made it!
10 months ago
Yeah he won 7-6
11 months ago
11 months ago
He beat Codfish
11 months ago
Is that good or bad?
11 months ago
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