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Hall of Fame Results Are In, Again!

Dec 2nd 2020 By Alexandria Country Yankees

Hello, y’all, the wonderful Committee has voted and thus I am ready to announce our new Hall of Famers! Here are the results, with a key.

I = Inducted
E= Eliminated From Hall of Fame contention
(No letter)= Headed to 3rd year on ballot

Frederico Tamez= 9 (81.8%) I
Gonzalo Mintz= 1 (18.2%) E
Montrell Cardenas= 8 (72.7%) I
Alan Chambers= 2 (18.2%) E
Malaki Sheffield= 2 (18.2%) E
Anbessa Corales= 2 (18.2%) E
Tariq Provost= 9 (81.8%) I
James Holmes= 8 (72.7%) I
Larry Bethea= 6 (54.6%)
Grady Cameron= 9 (81.8%) I
Demarcus Crump= 6 (54.6%)
Toby Gass= 7 (63.6%)
Finn Cates= 0 (0.0%) E
Toro Olvera= 2 (18.2%) E
Nathen Picard= 2 (18.2%) E
Nikolas Beckett= 7 (63.6%)
Rodney Conner= 6 (54.6%)

Anyways, you can submit people who have previously retired until Dec. 15, and I have created an Awards History Doc

A Hall of Fame Watch List

Some Awards Rules

And a Hall of Fame on the Forum

These can all be found on “About Owner” on my franchise page. Thank you to all who voted!

News Conversation
Yeah lol
2 years ago
342 HR and 441 SB, just looking thru random archives and needed to mention him. .299 is close enough. Ray Schalk is in the National baseball HOF with a .253 average.
2 years ago
.299 hitter but well nominate him
2 years ago
Yeah! Congrats!
2 years ago
Just saw both my guys Cardenas and Tamez made it!
2 years ago
Yeah he won 7-6
2 years ago
2 years ago
He beat Codfish
2 years ago
Is that good or bad?
2 years ago
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