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Nov 28th 2020 By Tacoma Storm

We all know what is coming up. It is the magical day where other teams and I use to their advantage. It is the one day a month where people can use FB freely without any restrictions (well, only some). We are talking about Unlimited Trade Day (comment down below a shorter name for that because the name is too long lol).

I am going to keep this on the brief side because my school has given me like 3 projects to do by Monday. Just make sure to make trades, acquire new FA, and establish your final team before the regular season. This is the day that can make or break your season. Every move matters.

Any proven news writer (Venom, Mets, Robins, Blue Jays, Bills, me, and Country Yankees) can message me if they want to write about the best moves on Unlimited Trade Day.

Thanks for reading, and have a great offseason and Unlimited Trade Day!

Storm :)

PS - Again, sorry if this was short. A lot of work is piled on me and I am super stressed now.