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Nov 27th 2020 By Alexandria Country Yankees

This week on FB has been very exciting, and we are here to give you information on it. In this new article series called the This FB week in recap, The Alexandria Country Yankees, the Seattle Cyclones, and I (the Mets) will tell you about some of the best games, best trades/drafts/free agency acquisitions, power rankings, interviews with good teams, and predictions. They will be coming out on the 30, 60, and end of playoff marks for each season. Read the whole thing because there is important information all over it!

Top 15 Power Rankings by the Cyclones:
This section is the top 15 teams with a little description heading into Season 92.

1. San Diego Bombers (55-5): The Bombers started off slow (by Bombers standards) at 14-4. They finished the year 41-1 to tie the team's best record. Although they had some trouble with the Ontario Lightning in the league final, they cruised through the world playoffs to sweep the Baltimore Orioles in the WS, to earn their 3rd title.
2. San Diego Giants (53-7): Despite a disappointing first round playoff loss, the Bombers crosstown rivals had the 3rd best ERA in all of FB, as well as a +257 run differential. They have had an active offseason and will contend for their 3rd WS in season 92.
3. Spokane Warriors (49-11): The GOAT capped off another successful regular season campaign with a solid playoff run, culminating in a 10-4, 2-1 league finals loss to the Edmonton Robins. They will look to improve on a .297 average in the offseason, and should be back next season.
4. Honolulu Shimakaze (52-8): Though the Shimakaze faded down the stretch, falling from 1st in the world rankings to 3rd by the end of the season, you can not ignore a 52-8 record and 462 runs. The super-rotation will be back, and so will the Shimakaze.
5. St. Johns Peace Sharks (50-10): The Peace Sharks had an offensive season for the ages, obliterating team records en route to the 573 runs, the 20th most in a single season in FB history. The pitching was suspect, and that proved a large factor in their first round loss to the Blue Jays in which they gave up 9.5 runs in 2 games.
6. Oakland ObZen (47-13): Though the ObZen’s hitting stats weren’t nearly as spectacular as season 90 (.346 to .323), they still scored 431 runs, good for 4th in Alta Canyon. Their pitching, however, was their strong suit. A 3.45 ERA propelled them to a 47-13 record, and the 3 seed. They got all the way to their 2nd consecutive league finals, before falling to the Hollies.
7. St. Johns Codfish (47-13): The Codfish showcased their impressive hitting ability, scoring double-digit runs in 4 of their 7 games, before the Boxers knocked them out in the league final. If they can improve on their 15th ranked pitching, look out.
8. Columbus Average Joes (49-11): The Joes first season back should be considered a success, as they bashed their way to the #5 world ranking. The hitting was amazing, and though their .352 average was nowhere near their record-setting .401 in season 70, it certainly got the job done. The starting pitching was great, but relievers gave up 11 runs in their second round loss to the Codfish.
9. Mount Vernon Boxers (45-15): The Boxers were a very balanced team, as their rankings averaged 6.75 en route to a 10th division title. They cruised by the Country Yankees and Dallas Sluggers, and then bested the Codfish in a tense league final. They decided to play some football in the world playoffs, defeating wildcard champion Chattanooga Batmen 23-7, before losing 18-8 to the Bombers.
10. Cincinnati Reds (48-12): Even though the Reds lost out on the division title to the Bombers, they excelled once more in the wildcard, putting their league-leading .372 average on display, as they advanced to the 5th of 7 rounds, before being eliminated by the Nationals.
11. Ontario Lightning (45-14): The Lightning are one of the more underrated teams in FB, as they posted 3 straight 40-win seasons, along with 6 division titles in a row. They have had the misfortune of facing the Bombers in 4 straight seasons, and though they always give the Bombers a run, they are only 1-3. This season they faced the Bombers in the league finals, and lost an epic series, 10-5, 6-5 win, 8-7.
12. Anchorage Polar Bears (49-11): The Polarbears were yet another highly ranked team to go down in the first round, as they were swept by Kansas City KCKC, 5-3, 6-5. They boast an insane ERA of 2.93 ERA to pair with a .302 average. The ‘Bears will be back.
13. Shreveport Captains (48-12): The Captains started off their season with a 7-2 win, and they cruised along from their, thanks to win streaks of 13 and 8, they took home their 4th straight division title. The 11th ranked pitching staff is underperforming (their ratings are great), but if they can even hold another team to 4 runs (which happened this season) the Captains will dominate again.
14. Stamford Demo Yankees (48-12): The Yankees added a 6th straight division title, along with a team-high 48 wins, their 9th straight 40+ season. They defeated the Montreal EXPOS in the first round, before falling to league champion Robins in a tense series. The Yankees have money to spend, and I predict their first 50-win season in 92.
15. Edmonton Robins (42-18): I could say many things, but the 3 teams the Robins beat on their way to the league title had a world rank average of 8.66. That’s it.

Best Trades, drafts, and free agency acquisitions by the Yankees:
Don’t worry, we will have an unlimited trade day section in our next issue coming out on the 11th.

Best Free Agent Signing:
Gregorio Tamez, P, Buffalo Lights: A triple 90 we could all dream on was given to them by the Average Joes, but it was still a great move. 71-95-91-90 is nothing to sneeze at, and being 26 only helps him more.

Emmet Tirado, LF, Vancouver Terrace Thunder: Why is he only in AAA? This 69-97-90-91 would make an instant impact with any team as the next Ichiro, only with better defense. The 21-year old has an excellent future ahead of him and we will wait and see where his talents take him.

Best Trade: Anchorage Polarbears Receive: Chayo Sandoval, 2B San Diego Giants receive: Kent Valentin, 2B: Sandoval is a talented 20-year old at 90-90-40-76 and could be a real star for some teams, while Valentin, at 89-94-45-81, brings 10 years of baseball and 29 years of life to the table and provides an explosive lefty bat with a lot of pop. Valentin, a .306 career ML hitter, is hitting .396 with 24 HRs, 111 H, 70 RBI, and a 1.163 OPS in the minors, while Sandoval is hitting .330.

Interview with the World Series Champs, by the Mets:

How does this compare to other WS titles?
This title was special because it is very difficult to win 2 in a row.  

What was the series/game where you thought you might lose and be eliminated?
My toughest game was in the league playoffs against the Lightning.   They have an outstanding team and pushed us to the limit.  That comeback victory will never be forgotten.

Who was the MVP of your playoff roster?
Probably Doty.  He was outstanding in the playoffs.

What do you plan to do with the money that you earned from winning?
I am going to bid on a few pitchers.  I am always interested in adding great players to my roster.

What do you have to say to the runner-up?
The Orioles had a great season and will be back.  I wish them the best of luck next season.

How did you build a WS winning team?
It is important to constantly add players and have a deep farm system.  You never want to be in a position where you have to rebuild your whole team.  It will take many seasons to be competitive again.

Predictions by Mets, Cyclones, and Yankees:

Who will win it all:

Mets: I see the Shimakaze winning. Every season they get stronger and their pitching is world-class.

Yankees: The Bombers don’t know how to lose. I see the 3rd straight ring.

Cyclones: I think the Giants will take home their 3rd ring. Their pitching is locked in and their hitting is second to none.

Who will be the runner up:

​Mets: I can see the Bombers or the Giants coming in second. I will just say Bombers though because they have been better recently, but no one can roast me in the comments.

​Yankees: The San Diego Giants. Though they most certainly do jack it in San Diego, Bombs Away is too much for the squad.

​Cyclones:  I’m going with the Anchorage Polarbears. Their pitching is as good as ever, and if their hitters go on a hot streak, lookout.

Who will be a surprise team in the playoffs:

​Mets: I think the Storm will go farther than expected. This would only be their 3rd full season and after picking up a lot of free agents, they seem to be better. I see a 40+ win season for them, a division title, and maybe getting 3-4 rounds into the playoffs.

​Yankees: Everybody’s favorite… The one and only… ORANGE JUICE!!!

​Cyclones: I think the Boston Red Sox 1 will go far. They are low key one of the better teams in FB, and they are only getting better.

Who will win each league:

​Mets (Alta Canyon, Beta Compass, and Copper Spring): I think the Shimakaze will win the Alta Canyon. They seem to be getting better and better by the year. I think the Spokane Warriors will just come out on top, but the Sparky, Hot Rods, and Robins could also win it. I think in Copper Spring the Wind Surge will win it pretty easily.

​Yankees (Delta Premier, Alpha Ruby, and Epsilon Peak): Delta Premier is obviously the Bombers. Alpha Ruby is hard to tell. Still, I think the Horned Frogs can do it. Oh man, Epsilon Peak, I’d love to say that the defending champ (me) will repeat, but I am a realist and the Giants are obvious.

​Cyclones (Ocean Star, Moon Valley, and Theta Premier): I said earlier that the Polar Bears will come in 2nd. They will win Ocean Star. For Moon Valley, Columbus Storm’s 2nd team, the Honolulu Sea Turtles. In Theta, the Shreveport Captains will take home their 1st league title.

Who do you think will surprisingly miss the playoffs:

​Mets: I think that the Toledo Mudhens will just miss out.
​Yankees: Alexandria Country Yankees
​Cyclones: I think that I will lose out on the division title to the Portland Venom. In the 4 seasons, we have been in the same division, we have each won twice.

What do you think the most competitive division will be:

Mets: I think Alta Canyon South or the Delta Premier East will be the most competitive.
​Yankees: Delta Premier East
​Cyclones: Alpha Ruby Southeast's main 4 teams (Paterson Pineapples, San Jose Panthers, Fort Worth Horned Frogs and Las Vegas Daddies) combined to go 167-69 this past season, yet only one of them will make the playoffs. Even, better, they all have said they love playing in a competitive division, meaning this could be around for a while.

What team do you think will have the best record, and what do you think the record will be:

Mets: I think the Bombers with a 58-2 season and the Shimakaze coming just short with 56-4
​Yankees: Shima at 57-3
​Cyclones: I think the Bombers will go 54-6, with Spokane and ObZen at 53-7.

Best Games by the Mets: Two per league on the days 19th-20th and 5 games for the playoffs. Read this section! I know it’s annoying to look at all the games, but there are some amazing games. I put a few little stars next to the best games if you’re the kind of person who just likes to skim articles. If you’re looking for your team, make sure you look in all of the leagues, because your team could have players from a different league. If I missed any great games, put the link in the comments below. Don’t complain if there are too many games, it was soooo hard to eliminate games!

Alta Canyon:

Alpha Ruby:

Beta Compass:

Copper Spring:

Epsilon Peak:

Delta Premier:

Theta Premier:

Moon Valley:

Ocean Star:

Playoffs: 4 league games (not wildcard)

Important Information:
1. The Hall of Fame will meet again to vote on players who retired in Season 91 for the HOF.
2. If you have any ideas/changes we should make in the next recap, please message the Mets. You can comment too, but I will pay less attention to them.

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