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The Craziest FB Experiment - Can someone's minors get into the playoffs? By Robins and Blue Jays

Nov 27th 2020 By Tacoma Storm

Last month Demarcus Loftin receives a call from the Toronto Blue Jays coach:

Loftin: Hello?

Coach: Hey Marcus. I am here to talk to you about your future in this organization.

Loftin: Listen I understand I had a crappy performance last season but I had a 40 HR season. A Franchise Ball record. You can’t be thinking about releasing or trading me.

Coach: We are calling you up…

Loftin: Ok coach, I will practice to the best of my ability and help you hit it deep when you need those runs on the board.

Coach: Hey man lemme finish, you have been called up to my secondary team.

Loftin: What the heck! Why? Listen coach I understand if it is the best for our team but I believe it is not the case here. I ain't going to no pig-sty team. At least the Bisons treated me well.

Coach: God dang it son this is not me. The manager was being an idiot as usual. Got drunk and then made a stupid bet where if he lost he had to put his minors on his secondary team and release the former starters.

Loftin: So just any Tuesday.

Coach: Any Tuesday. Listen man you will be back next year after that substance gets fired. This is new, make history man. Play along with this crap as long as you can.

Loftin: He really did it this time

Coach: Heck yeah he did.

Phone call ends…

4 days ago in the locker room after their tough loss in the first wildcard round.

Loftin: That was the most…

Olson: Stupidest season you have ever had? Tell me about it. I hit 360 for two seasons and then went into a large slump. I don't even want back on the Jays at this point.

Loftin: Managers finally gone. I will get called back for sure. I am going. Bisons were the good ol days but I sense there is something special coming for me. Imma get another 35+ homer season.

Olson: Well doesn’t matter. This screwed up my career. Had a shot to do good well now screw that.

Today in reflection as the owner:

Around a month ago as usual when I had nothing else better to do I was wasting my life away on discord with Bombers, Shimakaze and other teams. We were talking about the recent world series and other random things. Later the Bombers made a comment without much thought put to it. “I bet my team’s minors could get into the playoffs.” That really started to get me to think. Can somebody’s minors get in the playoffs? Since I am weird I was the only person who thought that and wanted to try something out. Soon after that I DM’d a couple of guys asking them if they wanted to participate in probably the most out of place experiment ever in Franchise Ball.

This was not tanking, this was not trying to lose every game like some teams have tried to do, this was different. This was not a Mad Antz or a Juice incident, this was the Minor Roadrunner Experiment.

After I DM’d a couple of guys they responded whether they wanted to participate or not. I assumed it was going to be a hard no for all of them. If you got a DM from somebody asking to donate your minors for some dumb experiemnt you would probably say no. It was shocking when I heard back from two other teams saying they could try to participate to the best of their abilities. I would like to give my thanks in best regards to the Honolulu Shimakaze and the Chicago Ohawks who recently ended his Franchise due to lots of things happening in his life. They decided to contribute on free trade day because my secondary team was obviously not a subscribed team. We eventually got all of the players on the team in time for the regular season.

A bit into the season I had account trouble on my Blue Jays account so it really helped for this experiment I was able to manage a bit of my secondary team being the only way to enter FB at the time. The largest hardship of this was I had no depth whatsoever. It was hard enough to get a full lineup but even harder to fill up the bullpen and the bench. I could not really sub people in and out which was something that really showed how well this team did. Once you were on the team you were on the team. You can’t be benched because of the lack of depth so when you were on at the beginning you were on at the end.

Due to the recent playoff formatting changes getting into the playoffs is now a lot easier but now not winning the division can take a toll on you speaking you have to go through this massive nine-round wild card. At the beginning of the season I was with the Hot Rods so I knew winning the division was very slim and definitely not going to happen so I was going to have to make the wildcard.

Though things started out pretty well getting good wins on the board the Roadrunners went through this depression from early to midseason. At one point they were five games below 500. From mid to late season they put up amazing streaks and managed to get into the wild card with a higher seeding but not close to the worst seed. They ended up 32-28. That does not necessarily sound like a good accomplishment and you do have validity to say that. The largest argument I have to contradict that statement is that these were minors players. Yes they are legendary teams but you also have to realize that the first three season stat grace was gone so this was a genuine 32-28 having nothing to do with how old the team was.

Unfortunately, in the first round they lost to the Woodpeckers. Though I am a bit disappointed they did not make a playoff run I am still happy the Woodpeckers did not lose to a minors team. If they lost and were reading this they might feel a bit embarrassed! Since I was not a member I could not manage it but that was fine because I was too busy trying to take down Peace Sharks as a 7 seed and if you did not know, trying to upset one of the best offensive teams in FB really makes your heart start to race. Seriously not being able to sub your pitcher in is a nightmare in those cases. After my guy got the win I talked on Discord about how my guy was going to be out for a bit! Ten innings and 18+ hits can really destroy somebody’s arm.

As a whole it was a great experiment and it was cool to see how it turned out. Though a longer playoff run and more depth would have made this more interesting and it was a fun experiment nonetheless. After doing this I do not have a plan to continue doing any different experiments. Please do not tank, this was a cool challenge and it did not really change my team anyway speaking it was not a good team to start out with in the first place.

I would like to again give thanks to the Honolulu Shimakaze and the former team the Chicago Ohawks. Ohawks, we miss you already and hope you come back soon. I know I have already talked to Shimakaze about getting his players back but if I forgot anybody who contributed I am extremely sorry, my memory is the worst and I thank you and if you want your players back message me on Discord or on the game messaging system. It will obviously be a free trade like I stated a month ago. Free trade day will be the day it will happen.

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10 months ago
Storm : 
nobody saw this
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We 3wayed and yes based off of what we did. You can we sucessfully did so. Look at the Roadrunners page of records. It will show.
2 years ago
Cobras : 
no ones minors can make the playoffs, you cant trade with your second team or release and have your second team pick that player up, but still good article
2 years ago
Storm : 
Amazing article
2 years ago
Robins : 
Great article!
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