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All Star Pitchers
Nov 26th 2020 By Alexandria Awards Masters

It’s tomorrow, so it’s time for the All Star Pitchers to be announced! There are 6 starters because there was a 4-way tie for 3rd. I also mistakenly said you should only select 4 relievers, I shoulda said 5.

SP1: Natalio Nazario, San Diego Giants, 50.0%
SP2: Landen Capps, Cambridge Longballs, 37.5%
SP3: Clifton Coy, Edmonton Robins, 29.2%
SP4: Isaac Barkley, Honolulu Shimakaze, 29.2%
SP5: Jakobe Ahrens, San Diego Bombers, 29.2%
SP6: Tyrell Meeks, Santa Clarita Currents, 29.2%

RP1: Louis Berlin, Cambridge Longballs, 66.7%
RP2: Dorian Ellis, Pittsburgh Panthers, 66.7%
RP3: Deshawn Palumbo, Seattle Cyclones, 58.3%
RP4: Bryan McDonough, Anchorage Polarbears, 54.2%
RP5: Christian Crosby, San Diego Bombers, 45.8%

Congratulations to the Season 91 Franchise Ball All Stars! Thank you for participating and the awards will be announced soon!

Note: I have filtered out the rookies who did not meet the criteria for ROY that was described in, “Updated Standards for All Stars”. If you need to, read the article.

News Conversation
Storm : 
Ok I am not that picky. I do not even really bid
11 months ago
Ready to go on a full-on news story diatribe on why public bidding, a fixed deadline and the 10-minute rule are stupid and bad.
11 months ago
Storm : 
Tyrell Meeks is good and since my rookie has similar stats then I think he can win ROTY -
11 months ago
He deserved it! Congrats Currents!
11 months ago
YES MINE GOT IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
11 months ago
lets goo Dorian Elis made it
11 months ago
Yeah, I dont think so either
11 months ago
Don't think he's really for sale.
11 months ago
Yeah, it definitely did lol
11 months ago
Haha! His value sky rocketed!
11 months ago
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