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All Star Pitchers
Nov 26th 2020 By Alexandria Country Yankees

It’s tomorrow, so it’s time for the All Star Pitchers to be announced! There are 6 starters because there was a 4-way tie for 3rd. I also mistakenly said you should only select 4 relievers, I shoulda said 5.

SP1: Natalio Nazario, San Diego Giants, 50.0%
SP2: Landen Capps, Cambridge Longballs, 37.5%
SP3: Clifton Coy, Edmonton Robins, 29.2%
SP4: Isaac Barkley, Honolulu Shimakaze, 29.2%
SP5: Jakobe Ahrens, San Diego Bombers, 29.2%
SP6: Tyrell Meeks, Santa Clarita Currents, 29.2%

RP1: Louis Berlin, Cambridge Longballs, 66.7%
RP2: Dorian Ellis, Pittsburgh Panthers, 66.7%
RP3: Deshawn Palumbo, Seattle Cyclones, 58.3%
RP4: Bryan McDonough, Anchorage Polarbears, 54.2%
RP5: Christian Crosby, San Diego Bombers, 45.8%

Congratulations to the Season 91 Franchise Ball All Stars! Thank you for participating and the awards will be announced soon!

Note: I have filtered out the rookies who did not meet the criteria for ROY that was described in, “Updated Standards for All Stars”. If you need to, read the article.