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All Star Results Are In, Part 1!
Nov 25th 2020 By Alexandria Country Yankees

I know this is very abrupt, but the All Star votes were due by the end of the World Series, and the World Series has ended! Here are your 1st Annual Franchise Ball All Stars!!!

C: Tyrel Toler, Busan Hugo Eagles, 54.2%
1B: Keyshawn Spicer, Philadelphia FISH TOWN, 45.8%
2B: Gaultero Adormo, St. Johns Codfish, 37.5%
3B: Roderigo Sandoval, Philadelphia FISH TOWN, 54.2%
SS: Sawyer Bottoms, St, Johns Deadly Sins, 37.5%
LF: Raimundo Galindo, Portland Venom, 45.8%
CF: Lance Beeler, Columbus Average Joes, 37,5%
RF: Khalid Patel, St. Johns Codfish, 20.8%
DH: Prospero Miramontes, C, San Diego Bombers, 29.2%
BENCH 1: Joel Boggs, 2B, Columbus Average Joes, 25.0%
BENCH 2: Rory Yamamoto, CF, Philadelphia FISH TOWN, 25.0%
BENCH 3: Perry Zepeda, RF, San Diego Bombers, 20.8%
BENCH 4: Brock Musser, 1B, St. Johns Deadly Sins, 20.8%
BENCH 5: Adrian Hanna, SS, Oakland ObZen, 20.8%

I will announce the pitchers tomorrow.

Yankees :)