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Rich Team History By Mets

Nov 25th 2020 By Alexandria Country Yankees

Title: What makes a Rich Team History

By: Mets

I wanted to write an article about a team with a rich history. The article will have many facts team’s history and an exclusive interview with the owner of the team.
I thought long and hard about all the teams I could do first. I came to an easy conclusion. The Hartford HTFD_Yankees! This team has won 65 division titles along with 21 league titles and 2 World championships. They were established in season 9, but their first full season was season 10. They won 34 games in their first season. Since then it’s still their worse season to this day. Their best season was 55-5 in season 19. They have had multiple seasons where they won over 35 games and did not win the division. Those seasons are  21, 24, 25, 26, 28, 30, 32, 51, 63, 65, 68, 69, 86, and 87. That’s so amazing. They have only once besides their first season not won 35 games. They have an all-time record of 3456-1395. That is a winning record of .712%. They have an all-time average of .302 in hitting, 3.835 era, 27.7 world rank, and a 1.058 WHIP. Their single-season records are .359 batting average, 942 hits, 587 runs, 198 home runs, .710 slugging, 2.38 era, .189 BAA, and a.816 WHIP. I’m sure that was a whole lot of information for you all reading this. The point I was trying to make was that this team has a very rich and amazing history. They have an average of 6.3 logins a day. I’m not sure if that is one of the reasons they do so well, but that will be in the interview at the end so stick around.
In this next section, I will highlight 3 of their best seasons. In the Yankees first season, they finished on a 34-26 record. That is a very respectable record considering it was their first season. They for the whole season stayed on a .500%win until the last few games where they pulled ahead of that and ended on 34 wins. After the last game of the season they were tied in first in the division. This was in an early stage of the game so since there were no tiebreakers they had to do a tiebreaker game which they lost.
Their seventh season was probably one of their most memorable. They started the season in excellent fashion winning their first three games. Then they lost their next three but bounced back and ended the season 41-18, don’t ask me why they played 59 games. They had many great games that year, but I’ll just put two. They won a game 2-0 over the JonC with the Yankee’s pitcher Carney pitching a full game one-hitter. They also won 9-5 in the league championship game over the number one seed with a 4-run 9th. In the World Series, they lost the first game to Madison Players but won the next two to take home their first title in their 7th full season.
It’s very hard to choose just three seasons for this article, but I had to because I didn’t want to make it too long. The final season I will describe is season 19. This if you remember from above was their 55-5 season. Today the best regular-season record is 56-4, so this wasn’t very far away from that. In fact,  2 games they should have won that they didn’t. The regular season was remarkable with 2 no-hitters. The Yankees ace for that season Mccalister participated in both. He only went 7 innings for both because of the auto-replacement switch on, but I think he could have gone for the whole game in both of them. In the playoffs, they faced 8th seeded Mark Team and they won 10-4. Next game they beat 5th seeded Orials 4-3 with a walk-off homer in the 9th. In the league championship, they faced 6 seeded Lego Winners and won 6-4. In the World playoffs they faced 260 seeded, you heard that right, 260 sedded Heros and won 6-2. In the 2nd round, they faced the 68 seeded Double D’s and won 2-1. In the quarterfinals, they played 139 seeded overachieving Hawks and won 4-2. In the semi’s they played the 49th sedded Seahounds and lost 7-1. They had certainly not expected that. The Seahounds went on to lose the world series 4-3 in the final game by a walk-off home run, but they certainly did better than they thought they would.
As you can see the Yankees have a rich history of seasons. I only explained three of them, but feel free to check the rest out on the FB website by going to research and services and then to archives, seasons, and then click on the season you want to research. Now an interview with the owner….

What makes a good team?

1) Find pitchers that have an FTV of 13 and higher. Also, look for their stats to be higher than 80/80/80.
2) Find hitters (position players) that have an FTV of 11 and higher. Stats should be 75/90/80/75 or higher. I look for batting averages over .280 and slugging percentage over .450.
3) Build your team by checking the players in the Free Agency section of your league. You can sometimes find good players in there, especially the day after the bidding ends.
4)Make trades with other teams. Check the trade availability section and check with other teams, especially their minor league player and pitchers.
5) Make bids on players you would like to try to have on your team. Try to avoid bidding against teams with more funds than you.

Finally, read the Help Section on this website and take it all from what I have mentioned to you above. This has worked for me for many seasons. Some seasons are better than others but it takes time to develop a team. Research, research and more research on the pitchers and hitters.  

Are you a member, why or why not?

Yes. I am a paying member. Why? You get more options to use in building your team and war chest of funds.

Do you think membership is needed to win a championship?

No, I have seen free teams get far. I do believe one of those teams won a WS title.

Do you need to be active on the game for many hours to have success?

Yes, you do need to spend some time on the game. More when you start out and less as you go on.

When you first started FB what team did you look up to?

Tampa Thunder Dogs and Reds.

Answer Honestly, do you think you are the best FB team ever, and if not, how do you think you can become the best?

Best team ever...Hmm, Dolphins and Warriors. Becoming the best requires skill at the game and some luck as well.

I hope you have enjoyed this article. I was going to do more, but I think I will stop for a few seasons and just stick to the recaps. By the way, the first recap is coming out on the 1st of December featuring best games, best trades, best FA pickups, top 10 power rankings heading into season 92, and an exclusive interview with the season 91 world champion. Stick around for that. In the meantime, I hope you have a good Thanksgiving!


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Royals0 : 
They had a 32-28 season, 2 34-26 seasons, and a 35-25 season.
2 years ago
Royals0 : 
The Yankees actually had 4 total seasons with 35 or less wins.
2 years ago
Cobras : 
Mets I know that that team is yours. It's franchise says "Mets!"
2 years ago
Nice article!
2 years ago
Mets : 
We start a petition to make the NY bombers have to change their logo, so it's not the same as the San Diego Bombers
2 years ago
Mets : 
I won't argue with you but be nice!
2 years ago
Bombers : 
I am a new team, and don't tell me what to do!
2 years ago
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also please don't copy someone elses logo, it'not nice
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Mets : 
Thanks Bombers, are you a new team?
2 years ago
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does everyone like my logo?
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